Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release: A Durable and Reliable Canon Remote

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Progo Wired Remote Shutter DEALS

A photographer should have a standard set of accessories to help make their photography simple. An essential device to purchase is a remote shutter release like the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release.

Using a remote control allows you to minimize camera movement so that your photos are sharp and without motion blur. A remote also allows you to consider advanced photography techniques like time-lapses, long exposures, and time delay shots. In this article, we look specifically at the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release including its features, usability, and how it compares to other similar products.

Main Features

Progo has created a quality device that puts functionality first. The remote shutter weighs practically nothing and is only 4.4 inches long. Therefore, it is easy to carry—you could fit it in a camera bag together with your DSLR camera. We have listed some of the main features and specifications of the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release below:

  • Cable Length – 90CM (3ft)
  • Shutter Control – Single press / half press
  • Size – 4.4 x 2.0 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight – 0.64 ounces

The cable length is something to consider – 90cm is an ample length for most circumstances. If you are simply using the camera for landscape shots then the cable isn’t an issue. It may only prove to be an issue if you want to take photos with yourself in them – a wireless shutter could be a better choice in this instance.

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This remote shutter couldn’t be easier to use. Some devices are overly complex and turn what should be a simple action into a long-winded process. The Progo Wired Remote Shutter release has a single button with three different functions. There is no LCD screen and no advanced controls. The following are the three functions of the button:

  • Half Press for auto-focus / exposure metering
  • Full Press to take a photo
  • Slide to lock shutter release for long-exposure photos / continuous shooting

This simple button system allows for several different shooting modes to be used with ease. If you just want to take a photo – press the button fully and the shutter will fire. Alternatively, you can half-press the button to set the autofocus – once the focus is set, press the button fully to complete a photo.

Finally, there is a built-in lock that keeps the shutter release held down – simply press the button and slide it upwards. This will hold down the shutter which is perfect for long exposure shots, and also continuous shooting mode. The button is robust and you can distinguish between a full press and half-press easily. Moreover, the sliding mechanism is solid and clicks into place so that you know the shutter is held.

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In terms of usability, the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release is a fantastic device – it is well built, sturdy, and extremely easy to use.

Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release vs. Canon RC-6

Now that you have a better idea of what this device has to offer, we can compare it to a similar devices. The Canon RC-6 is a remote shutter release model.

Compared to the Canon RC-6, the Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release has a shorter maximum range – the other features are practically identical. Both devices have remote shutter functionality and no LCD screen. Choosing between these two devices essentially boils down to your preference – if you want a cable or a wireless connection.

ProgoCanon RC-6
Wireless ConnectionNoYes
Maximum Range90cm3m
LCD ScreenNoNo

As you can see, there isn’t much to choose between these devices at all – the main difference is the connection type, and the presence, or lack or an LCD screen.

Should You Purchase a Progo Wired Remote Shutter?

This depends on your preference, purpose, and camera model. First and foremost, you must check if this remote shutter is compatible with your camera – it is only available for Canon DSLR cameras including the 70D and G12. Next, consider what you will typically use it for. If you plan to use the remote to take selfies, the 90cm cable could prove to limit – in this instance, a wireless shutter could be preferable.

Finally, what do you prefer? If you want a device with no maintenance, and no hassle, the Progo Wired Remote shutter is a solid option – no batteries, no signal interference – just plug it in and start taking photos.

The Review

Progo Wired Remote Shutter

The Progo Wired Remote Shutter is a functional device. It isn’t overly technical. Nor does it have a myriad of features. Simply plug it into your Canon DSLR camera and use it as a remote control – that’s basically it. If you want advanced features and controls, we suggest the Canon T-80N3 could be a better choice. That being said, for basic photography and remote shutter functionality, the Progo Wired Remote Shutter is a great option. It is extremely affordable, well made, and has a more than adequate length cable.


  • Simple controls
  • Durable and well-made
  • No requirement for batteries


  • 90cm cable could be restricting
  • Basic functionality

Progo Wired Remote Shutter DEALS

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