Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD Remote Shutter: Awesome Range and Advanced Usability

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Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD DEALS

Having a reliable remote shutter release can help improve your photography no end. You can experiment with different techniques and take selfies without holding your arm in that awkward pose!

One of the best choices we have found is the Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD. This is a wireless shutter that offers advanced controls for an affordable price. In the text below, we review this product, and compare it with similar devices on the market:

Main Features

First, let’s look at the basic features of this excellent remote shutter device. The Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD is a multi-compatible product – it is compatible with a huge range of DSLR cameras including – Canon EOS 80D, EOS 60D, PowerShot G10, Sony a7, Nikon D7500, and Nikon D600. This is a huge bonus as it gives you greater flexibility, and doesn’t limit you to one camera type if you wish to change. We have listed some of the basic features below:

  • Compatibility: compatible with various cameras including Canon, Nikon, and Sony
  • Transmitter Size: 146mm x 40mm x 19mm
  • Receiver Size: 73mm x 38mm x 31mm
  • Weight: 52.6g
  • Connection type: wireless or wired

As you can see, the device is compact and lightweight – it is easy to carry and fits comfortably in your hand. It should be noted that there is both a transmitter and receiver – you must slot the receiver into the flash slot on your DSLR camera so the remote shutter can connect to it. The process is simple and you can quickly connect to the device by placing the camera in bulb shooting mode. The following are the different setting and shooting modes available:

  • Single shooting
  • Continuous shooting
  • Timed shooting
  • Interval shooting
  • Delay shooting

The possibilities are endless with this device and users have a great degree of control with their photography.

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We have briefly discussed the connectivity – you must first connect the receiver into the flash slot of your DSLR camera (or cable connection). You can then switch your camera to bulb mode and start using the device.

The settings are easy to use – you can control the delay, exposure time, intervals of shots, number of shots, and number of times to repeat the sequence. This provides excellent flexibility, but it also means you can quickly set the device and take photos immediately.

The Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD is a well-designed product. It has a leather-like grip that offers tactile sensations and makes it easy to hold. Moreover, the size is proportioned neatly to the size of your hand and your fingers can easily reach the buttons when holding it. It is clear that the Pixel TW-283 is made from quality materials and was designed with the end-user in mind.

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Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD Remote Shutter vs. Canon T-80N3

You should now have a clear idea of what this remote shutter has to offer. To make an informed purchase, you should also understand how this product compares to similar devices on the market.

We can’t realty compare this device to a remote shutter with a limited functionality like the Canon RC-6. We can, however, compare it to the Canon T-80N3 remote shutter. This is a similar remote shutter with an LCD screen and also offers several shooting modes.

Firstly, one of the main differences is the connection type. The T-80N3 has a wired connection and can only be used up to 80cm from the camera – this limits the flexibility. In comparison, the Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD has both a wired and wireless connection. Moreover, the wireless connection works from up to 80m – this means you have excellent flexibility and can position the camera in many locations.

In terms of design, both remote shutter releases are ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. Both devices fit comfortably in your hand and have tactile surfaces for grip.

There isn’t much to choose between the two devices when looking at design and usability. Both remote shutters offer several different shooting modes including delay shooting and time-lapse. We have provided some comparative information of these two products in the table below:   

Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCDCanon T-80N3
Wireless ConnectionYesNo
Maximum Range80m80cm
LCD ScreenYesYes
Remote ShutterYesYes
Time LapseYesYes
Interval TimeYesYes

So which device is better? This is a difficult choice – both products have their merits and are similar in many ways. We would have to give the edge to the Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD, however, mainly due to its immense wireless connection and non-directional sensor. These two features combine together to give the user amazing flexibility – you are not tied to one location and can move around to suit the lighting conditions and surroundings.

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Should you purchase a Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD Remote Shutter?

We hope you have found this information on the Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD useful. If you are looking for a high-quality remote shutter with a myriad of useful features, this is a brilliant device to use. It is extremely affordable, has an aesthetic design, and is easy to use. Furthermore, one of the best features is its compatibility.

Some remote shutters like the Canon T-80N3 are only compatible with their manufacturer’s DSLR models. The Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD is practically vendor-neutral – it works with Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic devices, for example. This provides the user with greater flexibility – you are not tied to one camera manufacturer. Moreover, if you have multiple devices, you don’t have to purchase multiple remote shutters.

The Review

Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD

The Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD is one of the most advanced shutter release systems we have reviewed. This device is fantastic – it has an amazing range of up to 80m and is robust, with an ergonomic design. Furthermore, this remote shutter is usable on a host of DSLR cameras including Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Building on this, the LCD screen is crystal clear, and the different functions are easy to use. If you want a reliable device for advanced photographic techniques, the Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD is a top choice.


  • Incredibly long range
  • Multiple advanced shooting features
  • Compatible with multiple cameras


  • Battery powered

Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD DEALS

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