Photoolex T710N: A Beautiful and Functional Remote Shutter Release

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Photoolex T710N DEALS

Nikon DSLR cameras usually have a built-in receiver that allows for the use of a remote transmitter. A remote control shutter release like the Photoolex T710N is one such device.

This camera accessory allows you to take photos without using the shutter. This is perfect when using a tripod, and stability is necessary. Furthermore, it allows you to experiment with different types of photography such as long exposure, time-lapse, and time delay. Let’s look at what this device has to offer and how it compares to similar models.

Main Features

The Photoolex T710N is a wired transmitter – it connects to Nikon DSLR cameras such as the Nikon D7200 via a cable. This device does not require a separate receiver – the cable connects to form an instant bond and allows the remote control to be used instantly.

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In terms of compatibility, the Photoolex T710N works with the following Nikon cameras – D90, D5000, D7000, D3100, D5100 and a plethora of other models – we advise checking the Photoolex website for a full list of compatible devices. We have listed the basic item specifications below:

  • Size: 155 x 40 x 18mm
  • Weight: 61.5g
  • Cable Distance: 100cm
  • Separate Receiver Required: No
  • Shooting Modes: Delay, Exposure, Interval, Time Lapse
  • Power Source: 2x AAA batteries

The device has a curved design that allows for an easy grip. Moreover, the central shutter button is large and accessible. In addition to this, the blue backlit LCD screen is clear and provides easy-to-understand information. Essentially, this device is simple to use – although it has a myriad of controls and buttons, everything is logically placed and/or clearly labeled.


As mentioned above, the T710N is simple to use. After connecting the cable and switching the remote on, your Nikon DSLR camera will automatically detect it. You must then switch to the remote shutter release on your camera settings. You can then set four different settings on the remote:

  • Delay time
  • Exposure time
  • Interval time
  • Number of shots

Each setting can be placed in seconds, minutes, and hours. Moreover, you can set a shooting amount of one to 399 photos. These four settings provide excellent flexibility. You can customize a set of concurrent photos in a variety of different ways. This is perfect if you are completing a series of long exposure shots, or want to create a time-lapse, for example.

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Settings are easy to configure using the device’s buttons. Once you get used to the four setting format, you can quickly set up a complex series of shots.

Photoolex T710N vs. Canon T-80N3

Now that you understand the features and usability of this device, we can compare it to several other options. This provides an overview of what you can expect, and what remote controls are available on the market.

We have compared two similar models – The Canon T-80N3, and the Amazon Basics remote controls. The Amazon Basics is the cheapest model available (a cheaper version of the official Canon RC-6) – it has minimal functionality but you essentially get what you pay for.

This is the type of remote control you would purchase if you just wanted a remote shutter release, and never intended to delve into advanced shooting techniques. An advantage of this remote, aside from the cost, is its wireless connection – you can stand up to 3m from your DSLR camera and still receive a signal.

The downside of this device is that it has no other functionality. This is why remote controls like the Photoolex T710N and the Canon T-80N3 are better choices. In the long term, you may want to experiment with different photo techniques – purchasing the Photoolex T710N, therefore, provides that flexibility.   

The Canon T-80N3 offers similar functionality but is obviously for Canon cameras. We feel that the Photoolex T710N has a better design – it looks better, and it is easier to hold. Moreover, the LCD screen is clearer. In addition to this, the Photoolex T710N is much cheaper without any loss of functionality.

Out of the three devices, the T710N is certainly the best choice, however, your purchase depends on what you need the device for. If you intend to dabble with advanced photography techniques like time-lapse, the Photoolex or Canon T-80N3 would be the best choice for the respective camera types.

Photoolex T710NCanon T-80N3
Wireless ConnectionNoNo
Maximum Range100cm80cm
LCD ScreenYesYes
Remote ShutterYesYes
Time LapseYesYes
Interval TimeYesYes

As you can see, there is not much to choose between the T710N and T-80N3 – they both have an LCD screen, a wired connection, and the ability to perform time lapse and interval shooting setups.

Should You Purchase a Photoolex T710N Remote Control?

If you want an affordable device for your Nikon DSLR camera, the Photoolex T710N remote control is a fantastic buy. Even if you only require simple remote shutter functionality, the T710N is still a great choice – it can easily connect to your camera, and the setup is quick and efficient.

This device excels for those who want advanced features, however. The different shutter settings are perfect for technical photography such as time-lapse photography, and photography of the night sky. With four settings, the Photoolex T710N offers brilliant flexibility.

The Review

Photoolex T710N

The Photoolex T710N remote control is an excellent purchase. It is affordable, but for this cheap price, you gain a remote control that contains a myriad of useful features. The ergonomic design, clear LCD screen, and comfortable controls mean this device is easy to use. Moreover, the anti-shaking functionality ensures that you do not move your DSLR camera in any way. To complement these benefits, the remote has several fantastic shooting functions and gives the user excellent flexibility for complex photography techniques.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with many Nikon cameras
  • Four different shooting modes


  • Only available for Nikons
  • Cable connection – not wireless

Photoolex T710N DEALS

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