ONA Presidio: A Stylish and Comfortable Camera Strap

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The ONA Presidio is a high-quality leather camera strap with a comfortable design. This product is handmade and an excellent choice for photographers who use their DSLR cameras for long periods. Furthermore, it is a stylish strap with a beautifully designed neckline – you will look the part too.

First, let’s give a little background information about ONA. This company is based in New York and designs a myriad of handmade bags and accessories. They use premium materials and exceptional quality leather.

ONA products are handmade by a team of skilled craftspeople in the Dominican Republic. We feel that understanding small details such as this helps to show the quality of ONA products like the Presidio camera strap.

Main Features

The ONA Presidio is an adjustable leather camera strap. It has a neckline that is made from either full-grain leather or waxed canvas. Both material types are durable and offer excellent comfort and usability.

The adjustable straps are also made from leather and have chrome clasps that are easy to adjust. We have listed some of the main specifications below:

  • Total length: 63”
  • Adjustable drop-length: 24” to 29”
  • Neckline made from either leather or canvas and padded with neoprene
  • Adjustable chrome clasp either side
  • Accommodates DSLR cameras up to 6lbs

The weight capacity is sufficient for any top range DSLR camera fitted with heavy lenses. Even large telephoto lenses can be comfortably carried. Aside from having an excellent carrying capacity, the ONA Presidio is also available in a myriad of colors – both leather and waxed canvas.  

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This camera strap is all about comfort. The leather or canvas strap has an ergonomic design that fits snugly over your shoulders. Moreover, the shape and width of the strap are complemented by the internal neoprene padding – this adds extra comfort. Even after using a camera for repeated hours, your shoulders will not feel sore.

The two clasps are a simple chrome buckle – similar to a belt buckle. The loops extend easily and the straps fit perfectly through standard DSLR camera connecting points.

The connections are extremely strong – there is no possibility that the strap will break and risk damage to your camera. The ONA Presidio is a versatile device that offers a brilliant combination of comfortable hand-crafted materials, together with a functional design.

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How Does the ONA Presidio Compare?

The web is packed full of different designs from a plethora of manufacturers. It can be difficult to know which products are reliable and suitable, therefore, we have compared this camera strap to two other accessories – the Canpis CP006 Strap.

ONA PresidioCanpis CP006
Length AdjustmentYes Yes
Strap Width1.2”0.5”
Color VariationsYesNo

As you can see, the basic specifications do not vary that much – both devices have adjustable straps and are made from leather. One of the main differences we noticed was the strap width.

Many leather camera straps are relatively thin – for example, the Canpis CP006 strap is just 0.5” wide. Straps this wide are naturally not as comfortable as a wider strap with padding.

In a wider strap, the weight of the camera is distributed evenly across the width of the material – this inevitably puts less strain on your shoulders. A thinner strap alternatively, such as the Canpis cannot distribute the weight and pressure – the strap may, therefore, feel heavier and put a greater strain on your shoulders and potentially leave marks.

The ONA Presidio certainly offers greater comfort than the Canpis CP006 design – this is achieved by the neoprene padding and the rounded design of the neckline.

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We like the improved customization and variations that ONA offers. The Canpis CP006 has only one color and a design variant. ONA goes one step beyond this – the Presidio is available with two neckline choices – leather or canvas. Moreover, there are three leather color choices and three canvas color choices. We like this variety as it gives room for individuality.

Should You Purchase an ONA Presidio Camera Strap?

If you value comfort and style, the ONA Presidio is certainly one of the best leather camera straps available. This product looks and feels exceptional. It is the perfect accessory for those long and arduous days of shooting – the days where you have to carry your camera frequently.

We cannot praise the design of this strap enough – the combination of high-quality leather and neoprene padding allows the strap to sit comfortably on your shoulders. Furthermore, the connecting clasps are robust and provide a solid join to your DSLR camera. We appreciate that this is not the cheapest camera strap available, but it is reasonable for the resulting quality and performance.

The Review

ONA Presidio

ONA products are hand-made and support local communities – this in itself is a worthwhile cause and reason enough to purchase the ONA Presidio. However, the product is also fantastic. The ONA Presidio is one of the most comfortable straps we have tested – you can barely tell that it is resting on your shoulders. The neoprene padding and smooth, rounded design really provide the wearer with a high level of comfort. Moreover, the leather is high grade and will withstand wear and tear. Finally, the chrome clasps and adjustable strap sections are easy to use and fix to any DSLR camera.


  • High quality leather
  • Robust camera clips
  • Adjustable length


  • Price

ONA Presidio DEALS

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