MeFoto Backpacker Tripod Review: Light and Compact

MeFoto Backpacker Tripod Review: Light and Compact 1

MeFoto Backpacker Tripod DEALS

When the opportunity comes to travel with photography gear, this is where you have to determine what is actually important. This can difficult because bringing everything you have is not ideal. Of course, there’s the go-to lenses, camera bodies, chargers, and memory cards but many tend to overlook the tripod. It is actually an important accessory and can make a huge difference when trying to capture certain moments.

Nowadays, there are many different types of tripods. From small flexible kinds to the ones that can withstand any type of environment. But what about something in between? Well, MeFoto has created the ideal travel tripod that is light and won’t take up too much space in your luggage, the Backpacker tripod.

MeFoto is a young brand that launched one tripod but in different sizes – the Backpacker (smallest), the RoadTrip (medium), and GlobeTrotter (largest). But for those looking for a small, compact tripod, here is a breakdown of what the Backpacker has to offer.


MeFoto Backpacker Tripod Review: Light and Compact 2

The tripod measures about 12.6 inches when it is packed down, so a little over one foot, and extends to 51.2 inches. This can be a downfall for some photographers but not a complete dealbreaker. Although it does not extend as much as its competitors, it only weighs about 3 pounds making it the lightest against other tripods. It weighs so little because of the high-grade aluminum alloy it is made of. This makes the build not only light but of good quality as well.

The plate of the tripod has a Q0 ballhead with an Arca-Swiss release system. You can depend on this plate to keep your DSLR secure but at times, you might have to constantly tighten which made it tedious to use.


To operate the legs, all it takes is some twisting. You can extend the legs, and the center column, by twisting the rubber stopper making it easy to use. But you have to be careful as well since moving the tripod around can move the pieces and loosen the tripod completely.

The legs extract independently and can be adjusted to the environment. This is extremely convenient if you find yourself in uneven terrain. You can lock to legs in two forms: one is extremely close to the ground or the standard tripod configuration.

MeFoto Backpacker Tripod Review: Light and Compact 3

A small metal key goes at the base of the tripod which holds these stages in place. It is not spring loaded so it can take some getting used to for some since most tripods have springs. These stages are stable so there is no need to be concerned about that but you are limited to only two positions.

In Use

The MeFoto Backpacker is a good tripod to use and is practical with its weight. There is no hassle when using it as it is easily adjustable. The main issue might be the height of the tripod when extended completely but it is all personal preference.

You must be aware that this tripod was made for those looking to have something compact and easy to use. It is also the smallest in its collection so the weight it can handle is not as heavy as other tripods. There is a maximum load of only about nine pounds so it is best for mirrorless cameras and not DSLRs that use extremely large lenses.

How Do They Compare?

MeFoto Backpacker Travel TripodMeFoto Roadtrip Tripod
Easier to travel with due to sizeCan double as a monopod
Has a maximum height of 51.2 inchesHas a maximum height of 64.2 inches
Can handle 8 poundsCan handle 17.6 pounds
Made of aluminumHas carbon fiber which makes it tougher


There are many good aspects of the MeFoto Backpacker tripod. As mentioned many times, it is extremely light and compact which is one of its main features. Aside from that, it is also sturdier than expected. There are some setbacks to it that can be a dealbreaker to some photographers. It can be the fact that the tripod only allows two stages or the ballhead on the camera plate that can use some improvement.

But with some good, also comes the bad, and to be honest, the bad is not that bad. The Backpacker tripod is extremely travel-friendly as MeFoto intended it to be. It can withstand rigorous daily usage and its performance won’t disappoint. Another thing is, it is cheaper than other tripods.  

Is compactThe ballhead mounting plate can be improved
Is lightweightDoes not extend as much as other tripods
AffordableNot spike grips on the legs
Has a 3-year manufacturer warrantyDoes not lock in closed position

Review Breakdown

Design: 8

Durability: 7

Weight: 9

Heights: 7

Overall Score: 7.75

The Review

MeFoto Backpacker Tripod


MeFoto Backpacker Tripod DEALS

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