Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness Review: Two Is Better Than One

Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness Review: Two Is Better Than One 1

Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness DEALS

What is one thing that wedding, concert, and sport photographers all have in common? They use more than one lens and camera. Of course, this does not only apply to these of photographers. But anyone who had to shoot an event and constantly had to switch their gear knows it is tedious to do. Also, you miss the opportunity to capture perfect moments.

Instead of wasting time and worrying about being as fast as possible to change cameras, camera straps definitely are convenient. There are your standard single camera straps that are handy but wait until you try out a double strap harness.

The Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Strap has been making a strong presence to its competition. For starters, Blackrapid has been making single camera straps for a while so it is no newbie to releasing quality products. But this time around, it launched a double camera strap and here we are to see what this product has to offer.


As mentioned, Blackrapid is no stranger to the camera strap market. It has a strong reputation for making quality items that consumers can depend on. If you are familiar with the company’s solo Breathe strap then the double would feel the same. It is made from the same material which is definitely a plus.

Looking at it, there is not much to expect as it simply looks like a harness. Making a fashion statement was not the first priority when constructing the double strap so don’t expect anything flashy. It definitely looks like utility wear. It also only comes in black.

Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness Review: Two Is Better Than One 2

When choosing which harness, there are two sizes: regular and slim. The regular straps weigh 12.45oz and extend up to 63 inches. The pad length is about 16 inches with a padding width of two to 3.7 inches.

As for the slim straps, it weighs 11.36oz and extends up to 52 inches. The pad length is about 15 inches with the padding with measuring almost two inches to three inches.


The double straps are made of nylon mono mesh on the shoulder pad exterior. The padding in the interior is a curved foam and polyester air mesh. This air mesh allows air flow to pass through so you won’t suffer from as much sweat stains which can be unappealing when taken off.

Features and In Use

The great part of this double strap is the capability to convert it to a single strap. You need to disconnect the harness and both straps wrap around one another. You can also still have two cameras strapped on while each hanging on each side. But this is a bit confusing and can take some time to achieve. It is best to already have the strap prepared before shooting the event or not do it at all.

In Use

You can count on the double camera strap to work effectively and make your job easier with two cameras. The harness itself distributes the weight of each camera across your frame so there won’t be any type of strain on your body.

Although the design of the harness isn’t revolutionary, it does a superb job when it comes to comfort and longevity. You won’t have to focus on any discomfort and strain because the harness is built to help you focus on your job.

When using the harness, you don’t need to keep the cameras strapped on. The screw in the carabiners are easily detachable – at least this time around. With the Single Breathe strap, there were some difficulties to detach the carabiners but not with the double strap.    

How Do They Compare?

Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera StrapBlackrapid Single Breathe Camera Strap
Has two strapsHas one strap
Improvement in the cushioningHas airflow mesh within the torso of the harness
Easier to work with in regards to detaching pieces of the harness


The Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Strap is definitely an accessory that will make your life easier if you shoot with more than one camera. It’s catered more for professionals but that shouldn’t prevent you from buying it if you are looking for a double strap. Of course, only consider this if you are constantly shooting with more than one camera or else it won’t make sense to have it. Especially since it is an investment piece.

Even if it is a bit pricey, it is worth every coin and you will feel the quality once you start using it. The harness offers a comfortable feel to the body while you are able to be in your element.  

An even distribution of the straps across the body makes it easy to swap from one camera to the otherThe metal loop and carabiner makes the cameras slide potentially hitting the ground when bent low
The metal loop and carabiner the camera attaches to makes it easy to move and slide cameraThe cameras can easily bang against each other
Can make it a single strap
Has breathable shoulder pads

Review Breakdown

Design: 9

Durability: 8

Comfort: 9

Price: 8

Overall Score: 8.5

The Review

Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness


Blackrapid Double Breathe Camera Harness DEALS

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