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Skulpt Aim

The world’s first device to measure body fat % and muscle quality. Track your progress over time, and reach your goals faster.

  • Fitness Tracking
  • Body Fat % Calculator
  • Fitness Feedback
  • Track Progress

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What is everyone saying?

  • PC Mag

    Serious workout enthusiasts and personal trainers will adore the new Skulpt Aim. The handheld device measures body fat on discreet muscles, as well as your muscle quality, so you can track whether you're building them over time.

  • Examiner

    The Aim isn’t just another activity tracker, the Aim uses Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) to take a peek inside the body to assess muscle quality (MQ) and body fat percentage.


  • Measure body fat %, with gold standard accuracy.
  • Get detailed feedback about your muscle quality.
  • Each measurement takes seconds.
  • Measure 24 different muscles, individually.
  • Stay motivated with detailed tracking.
  • Includes: Skulpt Aim USB Charging Cable, Charging Cradle and Water Spray Bottle

Setup & Troubleshooting

Setup Instructions

  • Turn on Bluetooth on smartphone
  • Download and open Skulpt app
  • Place Skulpt device close to your phone
  • Follow instructions on app

Need help? See our troubleshooting guide.

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Things to Know

-WATER RESISTANCE -Tracks fitness measurements.

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Comparison Chart

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Device Retail Price Battery Life Sleep Activity Notifications Alarm Water Resistant Heart Rate
Skulpt Aim $199.99 2 Weeks Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark
Fitbit Aria Smart Scale $129.99 6 Months Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Fitbit Surge $249.95 7 Days Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Gym Watch $149.00 30 Days Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Mio Fuse $99.00 7 Days Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Moov Classic $89.95 8 hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Push Band $289.00 6-8 Hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
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