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QardioBase measures more than just your weight. It tracks your body mass index (BMI) and analyzes your full body composition including muscle mass, bone and water composition and body fat. Set goals and reminders, track your progress with charts and graphs. Choose your preferred mode to reach your ideal weight by turning your phone into your personal coach. QardioBase automatically recognizes each family member so everybody can have a truly unique experience.

  • Measures weight, body composition and BMI
  • Supports multiple users
  • Pregnancy mode
  • Smart feedback
  • Compatible with iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later

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What is everyone saying?

  • PC Mag

    The QardioBase Smart Scale is one of the best-looking bathroom scales for your home, and one of the smartest, with excellent features and an app that tracks much more than just your weight.

  • CNET

    the QardioBase is a PCMag Editors' Choice among smart scales... the QardioBase is the nicer product to display in your home, and the necessary choice for those with with implanted devices.


  • Accurately measures body weight, body composition (including body fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass) and body mass index (BMI)
  • Automatically recognizes users for convenient use by the whole family
  • Pregnancy mode allows expectant mothers to safely track weight changes during pregnancy and beyond
  • Modes including Normal, Pregnancy, Weight Only (no body composition) and Smart Feedback, which includes haptic feedback (gentle vibration) for visually impaired
  • Fully integrates with the Qardio product family for heart health via the Qardio App, allowing users to share data easily and set goals and reminders to achieve goals. Works with Apple Health.

Setup & Troubleshooting

Setup Instructions

  • Turn Bluetooth on smartphone
  • Download and open device app
  • Place the QardioBase close to your phone
  • Follow instructions on app

Need help? See our troubleshooting guide.

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Things to Know

  • QardioBase works wirelessly with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and WiFi and can be set up and enjoyed with ease.
  • Set a target and choose your preferred way to reach it. Share your data with others for motivation and support.
  • No charging required, QardioBase uses 8 AAA batteries, which can last up to a year with regular use

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QardioBase $149.99 1 year
Fitbit Aria Smart Scale $129.99 6 Months Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale $149.95 1 Full Year on New Batteries Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
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