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Gym Watch

The Gym Watch Sensor is a fitnesstracker that precisely measures the full range of motion and strength expended in every exercise and provides real-time personal coaching to help users perform exercises properly and get the maximum results from their workouts.

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Measures Strength
  • Water Resistant
  • 30-Day Battery Life

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What is everyone saying?

  • Engadget

    Doing a single exercise, like lifting a weight, is pretty easy. Doing an exercise well, on the other hand, is pretty hard. That's the idea behind Gymwatch, a fitness wearable that's designed both to tell you how many exercises you've done, but also if you've done any of them badly


    Worn as an armband, the GymWatch it is the only wearable designed to measure strength. The user adds inputs the activity using the smartphone app, while the gadget measures motion. The resulting calculation delivers quantifiable strength data, whether its using free weights, pulley’s or lifting the wearer’s own body weight


  • Connects to iOS and Android apps in order to give you real-time visual and auditory feedback on your posture and technique
  • Helps you perform your workout better by focusing on muscle building, strength and calorie burning
  • It can detect incorrectly performed exercises and offer tips to improve them so you get the maximum benefit from your workout
  • Strapped to your arm and/or your leg, the sensor measures the full range of motion you do in every exercise.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones
  • Includes: Gym Watch USB Charger and Small & Large Straps

Setup & Troubleshooting

Setup Instructions

  • Download and open device app
  • Create and login into your account
  • Turn on Bluetooth on smartphone
  • Place the Gymwatch close to your phone
  • Follow instructions on app

Need help? See our troubleshooting guide.

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Things to Know

  • Measure strength and motion across fitness exercises, including machines, free weights and bodyweight.
  • Real-time personal coaching - Get instant feedback on the quality of your movements during the exercise.
  • Innovative design - allows the Sensor to be worn on every body segment to track actually every exercise.

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Comparison Chart

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Device Retail Price Battery Life Sleep Activity Notifications Alarm Water Resistant Heart Rate
Gym Watch $149.00 30 Days Icon tablecheckmark
Fitbit Surge $249.95 7 Days Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Push Band $289.00 6-8 Hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Moov Now $79.99 Up to 6 Months Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
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