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Beast Sensor

Beast sensor will become your #1 training companion using data to build your athletic profile and deliver a set of relevant information based on sports science, which is key to help you reaching your training goals faster. By measuring Power, Speed and Force of all movements with a high precision accelerometer technology you will be able to get instant feedback on the quality of your workout. You will receive easy to understand metrics to adjust workouts to your goals and adapt training loads on your daily conditions, preventing injuries and overtraining, being 100% sure you are giving the maximum every single training day. Beast will keep you constantly on the edge of your personal best, every single time you hit the gym.

  • Track your workouts
  • Monitor and analyze your performance
  • Manage your training and goals

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What is everyone saying?

  • Boxrox

    We believe this product might be especially useful for coaches as it analyzes the movements in detail

  • GymFlow100

    The Beast Sensor looks amazing and once you start using it in the gym, you'll feel the motivation shining through. While it offers training at an athlete level, believe it or not, it is fun to use. You can see the details for each rep, find out how fatigues you get after a specific amount of reps and watch how the bar travels. If you like to workout and watch your stats, it is definitely worth having.


  • Enhance motivation - watch in real time how much you are pushing rep by rep on your smartphone screen
  • Adapt lifting to your daily conditions, break fixed set & rep schemes and let your daily shape and performance dictate the optimal loads for your training session
  • Beast knows your athletic profile and guides you towards the optimal training zone for reaching your goals
  • Keep track of all lifts - all data is collected in the Beast Webportal, the first performance based training diary for weightlifting
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3 or newer and Android 4.3 or newer

Setup & Troubleshooting

Setup Instructions

  • Turn Bluetooth on smartphone
  • Download and open device app
  • Place the Beast Sensor close to your phone
  • Follow instructions on app

Need help? See our troubleshooting guide.

Beast wearable1

Things to Know

  • The Beast Sensor is magnetic, allowing it to be placed not only on your wrist but also dumbells or other equipment.
  • Unlike many other weighlifting or workout geared wearables, the Beast Sensor allows you to view results in real time.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3 or newer and Android 4.3 or newer.

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Comparison Chart

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Device Retail Price Battery Life Sleep Activity Notifications Alarm Water Resistant Heart Rate
Beast Sensor $199.20 8 hours Icon tablecheckmark
Atlas Wristband $249.00 7 hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Gym Watch $149.00 30 Days Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Push Band $289.00 6-8 Hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Skulpt Aim $199.99 2 Weeks Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
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