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Atlas Wristband

To reach your goals, you need to start tracking your workouts. Atlas Wristband removes the burden of manual tracking entirely. It is the only fitness wearable that automatically identifies your exercises, then records reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in unprecedented detail. Calories and heart rate are just the beginning.

  • Logs your workouts and calories burned
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Automatically identifies exercises
  • Water resistant

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What is everyone saying?

  • Ars Technica

    Atlas started by getting the hard stuff right—intensely accurate rep and set counting for a number of popular exercises. Now it just has to build on the strong foundation it has already set. The Atlas Wristband has a lot of potential, so those who spend most of their time in a gym should seriously consider investing in it. At the very least, keep an eye out for the software and firmware updates to come.

  • Wareable

    It can detect motion on three axis and measures it against “exercise fingerprints" in order to determine what type of activity you're performing. It knows if you're doing push-ups or bicep curls, and can even learn new exercises by analysing your motion. It's water resistant and can tell the difference between the strokes when you take to the pool. It'll count your reps, measure your heart rate and won't let you get away with poor form. Could this be the perfect gym wearable?


  • Inertial sensors map every nuance of your fitness motion in 3D
  • Automatically identify exercises, count reps, and evaluate form
  • Integrated, highly accurate optical heart rate sensor, no chest strap required
  • Water Resistant up to 30 meters
  • Fitness metrics you'd expect plus advanced Atlas analytics
  • Includes: Atlas Wristband Charging Cable

Setup & Troubleshooting

Setup Instructions

  • Turn Bluetooth on smartphone
  • Download and open device app
  • Place the Atlas Wristband close to your phone
  • Follow instructions on app

Need help? See our troubleshooting guide.

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Things to Know

  • Atlas will automatically log your workouts
  • Choose from workouts specifically mapped to hit your goals
  • Check out Atlas Sweat Labs to connect with an ever-growing community

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Comparison Chart

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Device Retail Price Battery Life Sleep Activity Notifications Alarm Water Resistant Heart Rate
Atlas Wristband $249.00 7 hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark
Fitbit Surge $249.95 7 Days Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Garmin Forerunner 225 $299.99 Up to 10 hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Gym Watch $149.00 30 Days Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Moov Now $79.99 Up to 6 Months Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
Push Band $289.00 6-8 Hours Icon tablecheckmark Icon tablecheckmark Remove
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