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  • Lumo Lift Posture Coach

    The only activity tracker in the world that coaches you to better overall posture. Lumo Lift tracks posture, steps, distance & calories.

  • Lumo Run

    Lumo Run is a is a revolutionary running sensor to not only gain insight and coaching on your form, speed and distance, but most…

  • Hipster Kit

    Some of our more unique looking wearables featuring a combination of retro, vintage styles as well as modern chic, futuristic.

  • Wellness Kit

    A box of goodness targeted toward improving a number of different areas in your life. Correct your posture. Analyze your daily BMI….

  • The A-Listers

    This is for the couple that gets sh*t done and always looks great doing it. You’re on the go, in the know and always look fabulous,…

  • Super Mom Kit

    Here's everything your mom needs all in one bundle. From fitness and sleep tracking to receiving text alerts, these wearables have got…