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More Time Outside: Getting More from Landscapes


I always say that landscape photographers and fishermen have a lot in common. Apart from carrying a healthy supply of sandwiches and a flask of tea, the game is the same in the respects of potentially waiting all day for those ideal moments or even the perfect time of year to get the ideal catch.

Should You Swap Your Nikon D750 for a Z6?


The upgrade process for us DSLR users in the past was quite straightforward. We usually stuck to our known brand and we had the options of one of two models to do a sideways or step upgrade. Now we have mirrorless cameras thrown into the mix with tempting features such as lighter weight, cutting-edge functionality,

Is the Latest Thing Still Leica?


Leica is one of those camera companies where their reputation invariably precedes them. No wonder when they have been around since 1914 (the name Leica comes from the founder’s Ernst Leitz last name and the first two letters of the word camera). Arguably, some of the most groundbreaking cameras and lenses Leica produced were in