Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras

Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras 1

The previous camera released by the Yashica brand received quite harsh comments from critics. The company did not give up, however, as they are now turning their efforts toward Kickstarter once again in order to bring three new cameras to life. All three cameras will use 35mm film and, in addition to launching these cameras, the company is also planning the launch of two new films that will go hand-in-hand with the new devices they are planning to ship out. 

Yashica noted that they would be releasing the three new cameras in phases or, as the company called them, “episodes.” Each episode will be associated with the release of the next camera in the line. 

Yashica has called their new line of cameras the “Absolute” range, and they are planning to change the minds of previous critics with these new portable devices.

The first camera that will form part of this new range from Yashica is called the “Snapshot Art Camera.” The company announced that they have already completed the design of the camera, but are still awaiting a minimum number of orders to be reached on their Kickstarter campaign before they can start with the production. Once production of the “Snapshot Art Camera” initiates, the shipment of the proceed will be followed soon after. 

Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras 2

The “Snapshot Art Camera” will also be tiled the “Yashica MF-1”. This will be the most compact camera in the range and will be compatible with 35mm film. The camera will feature an f/11 aperture rating, along with a 1/120s shutter speed. The focus range will be 1m up to infinity. There will also be a flash built into the camera, with a lifespan that will reach approximately 3,000 flashes in total. During the release of the Yashica MF-1, the company will also start shipping out their new 35mm negative film, titled Yashica 400.

Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras 3

During the second phase of the campaign, which has been titled the “Novella” episode, the company will release the Yashica MF-2 Compact Automatic Camera. This isn’t a brand new camera, however, but rather a relaunch of a camera that the company initially developed and shipped out in the 1980s. 

Yashica Turns to Kickstarter to Launch Three New Cameras 4

The last episode of the new Yashica campaign will feature the Yashica 44 Twin-Lens Reflex Camera. Yet again, this will be a reboot of an old camera that the company first launched in the year 1958. The camera will come with a couple of changes, however, such as compatibility with the 35mm film, including the new Yashica 400 film that the company is planning to release alongside their very first episode. 

Customers who are interested in getting their hands on one of the new Yashica cameras are urged to visit their official Kickstarter page. The company has already started to accept pre-orders for the Yashica MF-1 and will be able to provide an official launch date once they start with the production of the camera. The production, however, will only commence when they have reached a certain number of pre-orders on the Kickstarter campaign. 

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