Sony Updates Firmware, Fixes Bug

Sony Updates Firmware, Fixes Bug 1

Firmware version 2.10 for Sony’s a7 III & a7R III cameras is now available. Sony released the firmware update with a bug fix for the earlier firmware version 2.00 that was problematic.

The recent update also solves the issue of incompatibility with certain third-party memory cards. Sony a7 III & a7R III cameras did not recognize SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 SDXC cards because of a recent change in design that was implemented them.

Sony removed the previous firmware version 2.00 from its website after some users of a7 III & a7R III cameras complained about certain issues they were experiencing. The latest firmware update is now available for download on the company’s website.

Improvements From the Latest Firmware Update

The latest firmware version 2.10 fixed a bug which was occasionally causing some cameras to stop functioning. The former problem usually occurred when RAW data is being written onto an SD card that has been used many times before. This problem no longer exists in the new firmware update.

The bug also previously caused some abnormalities in the image file system thereby preventing the images from properly displaying on the camera. Fortunately, it didn’t lead to the corruption or deletion of image data on the memory card. Only image data that was being written when the interruption occurred were affected. Images are now displaying correctly on the cameras with the new firmware update.

Also, users can now take pictures with the Auto Review function turned ON. In the previous firmware version, taking shots with the Auto Review function turned ON may sometimes cause the camera to stop responding.

Some third-party memory cards were previously not recognized by the Sony a7III and a7RIII cameras. Those third-party memory cards are now being recognized by the affected Sony cameras.

The latest firmware update comes with enhancement in the overall performance of the affected cameras. Users of a7 III and a7R III should quickly update their firmware in order to begin benefiting from the new update.

Mac OS users that want to upgrade to version should note that they must run UpdateSettingTool first if they use running Mac OS 10.13 or 10.14. The UpdateSettingTool is a replacement for Mac OS 10.13 Driver Loader necessary for these updates.

How to Prevent Data Loss Before Updating to Version 2.10

For those still using the firmware version 2.00, the following precautionary measures can help prevent file loss:

All a7 III and a7R III mirrorless camera users still on the firmware version 2.00 should back up all memory card data on a PC or other devices. Better still, they can use a completely new memory card for taking pictures.

They should also turn off the Auto Review function when taking photos.

Affected users should format the memory cards in both slots before shooting photos. Remember, though, that formatting a memory card will lead to permanent file loss.

In order to prevent data loss, users of a7R III with the old firmware version should make sure that they disable auto review when taking pictures because the random lockups can lead to loss of file.

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