Sony and Light Partnership to Take Smartphone Photography to New Heights

Sony and Light Partnership to Take Smartphone Photography to New Heights 1

As the competition to make the best camera phone has got tough in recent years, most companies have now started including more cameras in their flagship phones.

This has resulted in the development of an all-new era of smartphone photography which is not only creative but flexible as well. Light is a pioneer in the camera software industry and has partnered with Sony Semiconductors Solutions in an attempt to build multi-image sensor designs for smartphones.

The L16 camera powered by Light is one exemplary example which flaunted a wonderful integration of 16 small lens and sensor modules and delivered the performance at par with DSLR cameras. That said, Light has now retained the access to Sony’s image sensors and aims to develop designs by making use of computational imaging solutions and Sony’s unbeatable sensors. The project will start with smartphones and will make use of at least four camera lenses.

Undoubtedly, Sony’s image sensors are unbeatable, but there is a lot more to a camera than just hardware. Appropriate algorithms must be used, systems must be tuned and other related parameters must be taken care of. Recently, Huawei and Samsung have added more lenses to their phones, while Google has focused more on AI learning and other related technologies to get the best result from a single lens.

Squeezing the Best Out of Hardware and Software

Sony and Light Partnership to Take Smartphone Photography to New Heights 2

Light is next to none in striking the right balance between the software and hardware and squeezing the best possible image out of the combination. Using multiple lenses help in achieving dynamic range along with quality shots which have emerged to be the success mantra for the smartphones these days.

As smartphone manufacturers are experiencing serious size crunch these days, combining multiple cameras while improving the design and performance all at once, could prove to be the right recipe.

As users are more design-conscious now, they no more want to deal with ugly camera bumps and this is something which can be effectively taken care of by using the right software and hardware combination.

It is likely that Sony and Light partnership will yield useful results and will pave way for some great design combinations in the future ahead.

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