SJCAM Releases ION Series of 4K Action Cameras

SJCAM Releases ION Series of 4K Action Cameras 7

As a top contender in the realm of action cameras, SJCAM has recently unveiled a series of 4K action cameras. In keeping with the brand’s history of providing top-class cameras, the latest ION range of 4K cameras offer outstanding features and enables amazing clarity at affordable prices.

Spurred on by the success of the SJ8 Series, SJCAM’s latest ION Series sports really impressive tech and specs. They allow great possibilities for the adventurous to fully capture every journey. All three latest camera models follow are similar in design to the SJ8 Series.

SJCAM new Totem 4K, Carbon 4K, and Krypton 4K UHD come with a slim lightweight design and WiFi. They all feature waterproof casing that enables them to capture images at depths of up to 30 under water. With SJCAM Zone App, one can operate the new ION action cameras from a smartphone or tablet.

In order to ensure optimum performance of the 4K action cameras, they all feature dash cam capability. Additionally, the Krypton 4K UHD and Carbon 4K allow recording at up to 4K resolution at a frame frequency of 30fps.

SJCAM Carbon 4K Camera

SJCAM Releases ION Series of 4K Action Cameras 8

Going for £65.99, the budget model in the new series comes equipped with a lens capable of delivering 70° wide field coverage and 16MP resolution. It features a 2-inch LCD screen and a battery life of up to 70 min.

It records as many as 30fps at 4K resolution and 30fps at a resolution of 2.7K. Recording speeds of 60fps and 30fps are attained at 1080p. And at a resolution of 720p Carbon can capture 30fps, 60fps and even 120fps.

SJCAM Totem 4K Camera

SJCAM Releases ION Series of 4K Action Cameras 9

Going for $255, the Totem is the middle model in this series. It features an A+ HD lens with a field view of 166° and gyro image stabilization. It allows three coverage angles. The field of view can be set to narrow, middle or wide.

The camera has an uptime of 80 min. Totem comes with an inbuilt 2-inch LCD touchscreen and external microphone. Totem’s offers frame rates of 24fps at 4K resolution (interpolated) and 30fps at 2K resolution. At 1080p resolution, Totem can shoot as many as 30fps and 60fps. And frame rates of 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps can be attained at a resolution of 720p.

SJCAM Krypton 4K UHD Camera

SJCAM Releases ION Series of 4K Action Cameras 10


Going for $275, the Krypton is SJCAM flagship 4K camera among the new ION range. The camera sports Pro level features. It comes equipped with a powerful lens that allows up to 170° wide coverage, coupled with aspheric glass elements for improved edge sharpness. Krypton also has an inbuilt triple-axis gyro image stabilization.

It has the ability to record 30fps at both 4K and 2K resolutions. Recordings of 60fps and 120fps can take place at 1080p. And at a resolution of 720p, Krypton can shoot at frequencies of 120fps and 240fps which gives it slow motion capability. Its battery can work for up to 100 min after full-charge. It also has an external microphone.

Since entering into the action camera market with the SJ4000, SJCAM has tried to make capturing action easy and affordable. To learn more about the ION Series, visit SJCAM.

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