Samyang to Be the First to Release a Range of 3rd Party RF Lenses for Canon


While Canon has an impressive range of cameras on the market, many photographers are not entirely satisfied with the lenses that accommodate this brand’s cameras. Samyang, a top-rated manufacturer of camera lenses, is now the first to have announced a range of lenses that will be compatible with the RF full-frame mirrorless cameras from the Canon. 

The Samyang brand made the announcement this week. While no specific details have yet been provided in terms of when exactly the new 3rd party lenses will hit the market, representatives from the Samyang brand did announce that the first two lenses to make up this series of new lenses will be on the market “soon.” Furthermore, there is currently no information available regarding how much customers were looking out for these new products will be expected to pay to get their hands on one of the new lenses by Samyang. 

The two new lenses that are being released by the Samyang brand include the MF 85mm f/1.4, as well as the MF 14mm f/2.8. This will provide a great variety of options for photographers to choose from. Additionally, the two new lenses from Samyang marks the very first EOS RP and EOS R lenses compatible with the Canon RF full-frame mirrorless cameras not to be manufactured by Canon directly. 

Samyang to Be the First to Release a Range of 3rd Party RF Lenses for Canon 1

The two lenses that will soon hit the market will feature the Samyang brand’s unique Ultra Multi Coating feature, which is a certain benefit considering the significant reduction in ghosting, as well as flare, that this particular feature is able to produce. Furthermore, both of these two new lenses will offer a “weather-sealed” feature. This helps to protect the lenses against light snow and rain. It should be noted that the lenses will not provide adequate protection against heavy rain and underneath the water. 

The first lens to hit the market, being the MF 14mm f/2.8 RF from Samyang, will be an ultra-wide-angle lens with a manual-focus feature. The lens will provide an impressive 115.7-degree angle. This particular lens was developed to provide an appropriate option for photographers specializing in interiors, landscapes, as well as architecture. Stray light will be blocked effectively by the camera, thanks to the built-in hood that will feature a petal shape. 

The lens will also have a focusing distance that measures a minimum of 0.92 feet, along with a low weight of just 1.76 pounds.

The second lens would be the MF 85mm f/1.4 RF. This is a portrait lens, providing a good alternative to the first lens, which offers landscape photographers the perfect option for taking better photos. This lens offers a minimum focusing distance with a rating of 3.3 feet, along with a 72mm filter thread size. This particular lens weighs a little less than the first option, at 1.6 pounds. 

The MF 85mm f/1.4 RF will also offer an eight-bladed aperture, along with nine elements within seven groups. 

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