RAISE, AI-Powered Photo Sharing Service by Canon, Makes Photographers Lives Easier


In a recent announcement, Canon officially unveiled a new photo sharing service, known as RAISE, is now available for photographers who have become fans of the brand’s cameras. The new platform uses advanced artificial intelligent technology in order to assist photographers in experiencing a more pleasant experience when it comes to storing and organizing their photos and makes it easier to share those photos that are considered important memories.

According to representatives at Canon, about 1.2 trillion photographs were captured in 2017 alone.  While capturing those photos can be done with the click of a button, many people find themselves spending hours on end organizing and filtering through all of the photos they took – whether on a trip up the mountain, a day out at the beach, or at a special event like a wedding.

Canon realizes just how frustrating it can be for these photographers to look at thousands of photos in order to find the ones that they really want to use. This is why the brand decided to work on a platform that can make this task significantly easier – and instead of simply pushing out another standard photo storage and sharing service, Canon decided to kick things up a notch by integrated artificial intelligence into the platform. 

The platform is now officially open to photographers and offers an intuitive interface that makes it exceptionally easy for those who enjoy the art of taking photos to keep everything organized. The application already offers a number of convenient features that are powered by AI technology. This includes an auto-tagging feature, along with the ability to have photographs organized and categorized automatically. 

RAISE, AI-Powered Photo Sharing Service by Canon, Makes Photographers Lives Easier 1

Photos are uploaded to the RAISE platform in JPEG format. The photographer uploading the photo will retain all ownership rights to the photos that they upload to the platform. Once uploaded, the AI technology that is built into the platform will immediately analyze the photo and start to provide suggested tags that can be applied. There are a variety of tag types that will be suggested to the photographer to make the process of properly organizing each of the photos that they are uploading easier. 

While the platform has been equipped with technology to detect appropriate categories for each photograph, it goes much deeper than this. The platform will be able to detect categories like birthdays, weddings, landscapes, and more. Additionally, emotions, colors, composition, and even photography styles can also be appropriately tagged with the help of the AI technology that is built directly into the RAISE platform. 

Once tagging has been done, the photographer can choose to add the photograph to a specific collection in their account. The collection can then be shared publicly or rather kept to a private setting. When set to private, only those with permission will be able to access the photographs in the collection. Furthermore, photographs can be easily shared from the RAISE platform to accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. 

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