Pricing for Adobe’s Popular Photography Plan Doubled

Pricing for Adobe's Popular Photography Plan Doubled 1

Some people have noticed an increase in the pricing for the Photograph Plan that has become a popular option for photographers who rely on Adobe’s suite of software. The new pricing seems to be double the amount that photographers used to pay in the past.


Since 2013, Adobe has offered photographers an affordable way to get their hands on three popular software applications that are part of the CC cloud suite. The Photography Plan introduced by Adobe provided access to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and, of course, Adobe’s popular Photoshop application. When the plan was introduced, photographers were charged a monthly fee of $9.99 to continue using these applications.

In the last two days, many publications have surfaced about a price increase from Adobe. While no official statement seems to have been made by Adobe as of yet, it does seem like they are only testing out the new pricing model at the moment. 

The new pricing for the Photography Plan is $19.99. There is a single upgrade that comes with the plan, which is an increase in the amount of cloud storage space the user gets. With the original Photography Plan introduced by Adobe in 2013, each user was allocated 20GB of cloud storage space on the official Adobe servers. As of the implementation of the new pricing models, however, cloud storage space has been upgraded to 1TB. 


According to the official Adobe website, this upgrade in cloud storage allocation to each user’s account allows the photographer to upload roughly 200,000 JPEG files or 20,000 RAW DSLR photographs. 

In addition to the pricing increase, Adobe seems to have added a new plan that is dedicated to those who do not want to pay $19.99 for access to photography applications. This would be the Lightroom Plan, which only offers the user access to the original Adobe Lightroom CC software. When the photographer chooses this plan, however, they would not gain access to the other two applications, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. 

The Lightroom Plan is priced at $9.99 per month. This plan also comes with 1TB of cloud storage. 

Both of these plans include a personal portfolio website that is allocated to the photographer who signs up. The website will also include a range of useful tools that the user can utilize to show off their work, along with several social media tools to assist with the marketing and promotion of their portfolio. 

Adobe is still providing users access to the complete Creative Cloud bundle at the same price of $52.99 per month. Individuals who would rather like to gain access to the entire suite of applications that form part of Adobe’s popular Creative Cloud suite would be able to utilize this particular plan. 

It should be noted that the complete plan only comes with 100GB of cloud storage and not the 1TB that is now included with the Photograph plan and the Lightroom plan. 

At the moment, it is not known whether or not the new pricing for the Photography plan would be permanent, as Adobe is yet to comment on this subject. 

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  1. Time to leave Adobe behind. This power play of threatening legal action for using legitimately purchased legacy software and their price increase is an affront to any loyalty their products have engendered. Plenty of competing products that will only continue to improve as people jump ship. I already have.

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