New LINK 800WS Flash Launched by Paul C. Buff

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Paul C. Buff Inc., a manufacturer of professional lighting products, has launched the LINK 800WS flash. It is a new portable plug-and-play LED flash unit that currently stands as the company’s most powerful and versatile lighting product ever.

Paul C. Buff (PCB) designed the LINK 800WS flash to “link” its past products with the current demands of modern photographers. It bridges the gap between an in-studio lighting unit and a battery-powered flash unit.

PCB announced its latest product while acknowledging that it has been a bit of a wait. The company also expressed their appreciation for the patience of users who have waited for them to develop this latest addition to the PCB flash unit lineup.

PCB’S Marketing and Communications Manager, Anthony Romano, said that because they are a smaller company, they are able to keep the price of products low. But one major downside to it is that it does take much more time to develop new gear.

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He said that while the LINK was still in the development phase, his company had the opportunity to observe what’s available out there. They used the development period to connect with photographers and discover what they really need. He added that his company aims to provide equipment that is beneficial to PCB customers and unique to its product line.

Features and Specs of the LINK 800WS Flash

The LINK 800WS flash comes with an all-metal housing similar to that of the White Lightning X-series and provides up to 800 watts of power. It features multiple shooting modes and up to 10 adjustable f-stops.

This new plug-and-play LED flash comes with a detachable battery that allows photographers the flexibility of easily taking out the unit on location. Additionally, it works with voltages as low as 100 and as high as 240. PCB’s new flash features a rear-located digital control panel with an LCD display.

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The 800WS LINK flash features a super-bright 800W-equivalent daylight-balanced LED modeling light. It has support for umbrella rods of up to 9mm and has a stand mount that supports stands that are up to 5/8in in size. PCB’S new portable flash unit is relatively compact with a weight of 3.9kg / 8lbs / 7oz (including the battery) and measuring 16.5cm x 12.1cm x 32cm (6.5in x 4.8in x 12.6in).

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PCB’S LINK offers nine f-stops of power variability, ranging from 3.1 Ws to 800 Ws with the option of precise adjustments in 1/10 f-stops. The LINK has flash durations as short as 1/15400s and a +/- 100K color consistency at any power. This new flash comes with a rubber diffusion dome cover and both audible and visual recycle indicators.

The LINK 800WS flash is coming with a companion BUFF app with which photographers will be to control the lighting from an iOS or Android smartphone. Users can quickly adjust the flash and modeling light power. However, the app control of settings is expected to extend to other features later on. The flash is designed to connect to the app via the HUB.

Additionally, the LINK is to come with a companion HUB remote that will enable it to perform TTL and up to 1/1800s of HSS. It will be coming as initially compatible with both Canon and Nikon gear, but compatibility with Sony gear is expected to follow “soon.”

Availability and Pricing

The LINK 800WS flash unit is listed on the company’s website with a price tag of $896 for the flash only. There’s a package comprising the flash, a battery, a charger, and the HUB remote that will cost $1,200. And as for availability, the LINK, the HUB, and the BUFF app are expected to enter the market in the Spring of 2020.

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