Panasonic Unveils Updated FZ1000 And ZS80 With Improved Functionality


A recent publication by Panasonic announced two new products that will soon be released on the market. Both of these products are updates from previous products that the company has released in the past years. The first is an upgraded option from the Panasonic FZ1000, which will be called the Panasonic FZ1000 II. The second upgrade that will be launched is an improved version of the Panasonic ZS80. Both cameras will feature several upgrades from the previous models in order to bring superior photographic features to fans that trust in the Panasonic brand. 

With the new Panasonic FZ1000 II, users are provided with a 1-inch CMOS sensor that can provide photographs up to 20.1 megapixels in quality. The overall resolution provided by the sensor remains unchanged from the previous FZ1000, but it should be noted that an upgraded sensor is installed – while the sensor resolution stays the same, a new type of sensor is installed that can provide improvements in the overall quality. 

This new sensor, according to the Panasonic brand, can help to provide stable and sharper images, due to the built-in image stabilization features that the new sensor features. The image stabilization features will remain active and provide sharper photographs even when the user maximizes the ISO settings of the camera. At the same time, improvements in algorithms built into the processor of the camera will help to provide images that have less noise than what the previous model was able to offer. 

The FZ1000 II will be fitted with a 16x optical zoom lens. This can provide a similar zoom effect as a 25-400mm lens, along with a similar reach. The lens equipped in the new FZ1000 II will also feature an f2.8-f/4 aperture, providing for brighter photos even in darker environments. It should be noted that an important change has been made – the minimum aperture setting that can be configured in the camera’s new settings will be set at f/11, instead of the previous minimum setting of f/8. 

A five-axis hybrid optical stabilization system will be installed in the Panasonic FZ1000 II. This provided further stabilization features and ensure every photo taken will be more stable, even when the photographer using the camera is moving.

When it comes to video, the Panasonic FZ1000 II will feature 4K video capabilities, with a frame per second rate between 24 and 30, depending on the specific configuration. The camera will also offer the brand’s “shoot first, focus later” feature to help get the best photograph out of a 4K sequence. 

Panasonic Unveils Updated FZ1000 And ZS80 With Improved Functionality 1

Not as many details have yet been announced regarding the new ZS80 that will be released together with the FZ1000 II. It is currently known that an auto-marking tool will be featured in the ZS80. This will help photographers choose the best photo out of a sequence that they have taken. The camera will also feature 4K photo modes and video recording capabilities, which would be two other upgrades from the previous model. 

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