Latest Release of Loupedeck+ Introduced Support for Photoshop


Loupedeck+ released a new update that extends the compatibility of the photo editing console toward additional software, apart from Lightroom. The software can now be seamlessly integrated with Photoshop, a popular application from Adobe – the same developer as Lightroom – making it easier than ever before to have instant access to a variety of photo editing features, with essential hooks to Photoshop actions. 

The announcement was made on the 14th of December 2018, and existing users can simply update their existing Loupedeck+ software to extend the functionality of the application in order to integrate the photo editing keyboard with their installation of Photoshop CC.

In addition to the extended compatibility with the Photoshop CC application, Loupedeck+ also announced that the new update will now also be compatible with additional software suites, including Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC and Skylum Aurora HDR.

Loupedeck+ is the result of a developer group based in Finland and has, up until now, been one of the preferred keyboards, also known as a console, for the Adobe Lightroom photo editing software. The keyboard is easy to use and does not need a lot of configurations before it can be used. 

Once installed and setup has been completed, a series of buttons, dials, and sliders can be used to perform certain functions within the photo editing application that is open on the desktop. 

The keyboard comes with a range of built-in features that truly makes this one of the most convenient accessories for any photographer and graphic designer, as well as the hobbyist who enjoys editing photos. 

Loupedeck+ can be customized according to the preferences and requirements of the user. The keyboard comes with a few different modes that can be selected from in order to provide shortcuts to specific functions that the specific task that the user is busy working on.


The keyboard can be set to a selecting mode, allowing the user to select specific parts of the photograph to perform edits on. There are color management and lighting adjustment modes as well for specialized functionality. A keyboard mode is available, along with a general functions option, giving the user access to useful features like copy and paste, as well as undo and redo. 

A personalized function mode allows the user to define specific functions manually and then hook these functions to buttons, sliders, and dials that are present on the keyboard. The keyboard also features a custom mode for times when sensitive editing functions are required, such as noise reduction, sharpening, split toning, and tone curve.

Apart from now providing users the ability to use the Loupedeck+ keyboard with Photoshop CC, the software also recently introduced a range of video editing tools for users who require a functional way to streamline the process of editing videos in a flash. 

The keyboard is available to customers from all over the world and currently costs $249. No additional fees are charged for the shipping of the Loupedeck+ keyboard. 

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