New Photo Editing Era: Luminar 3 Release Introduces AI Features

Luminar 3 Image

Skylum recently announced the launch of a major upgrade to their popular Luminar photo editing software. With this new release comes a number of great new features, of which the most impressive would most definitely be the introduction of their new artificial intelligence built directly into the photo editing application.

Luminar 3 Introducing New Features Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Photographers know that the software they use to process their photos plays a big part in how the final photo will look. While some applications can be quite time-consuming, as settings need to be adjusted individually to achieve the perfect effect on photographs imported into the software, Luminar 3 has taken the manual out of photo editing.

The latest AI-based features introduced in Luminar 3 comes with a range of tools that makes photo editing easier than it has ever been before. Some of the most promising new AI-based options that users get to choose from after importing their photos include:

• AI Sky Enhancer
• Accent AI
• Sun Rays

The 60+ built-in styles that now come as part of the Luminar 3 software suite allows for professional effects to be applied to any type of photographs with the mere click of a button – whether the user wants to turn a color photo into a black and white photo, add some vintage effects, or make the photo more vibrant.

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The company behind Luminar 3 has also announced that their software is now ‘smart,’ thanks to the inclusion of artificial intelligent technology. The application will now monitor what the user utilizes the software for and start to learn more about the actions the user takes on the photos they edit with the software. In turn, this will allow the software to become capable of providing the user with personalized suggestions, styles, and actions that will streamline the process of editing photos in the future.

Luminar 3 is compatible with computers running Windows 7 or a higher operating system, as long as the computer has a 64-bit processor installed, along with a 64-bit version of the Windows operating system. The software is also available for Apple Mac devices running MacOS 10.11 and higher.

Luminar 3 is presented to potential customers with a “try for free” option, along with a once-off fee that can be paid if the user decides to use the program. The software is currently available at a more affordable price than some competitors, and the new AI features will definitely make photographers already using software applications like Lightroom consider making a switch.

Luminar 3 Image 3

With the latest release of Luminar 3, users now get access to a range of AI-powered tools that can be used to improve the appearance of photos with minimal input from their side. The software is available with a free trial and can be purchased for a once-off fee of $79, which comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who do not feel satisfied with the latest additions to the already impressive line of tools that come standard with the Luminar application.

If you are already acquainted with previous versions of the Luminar desktop photo editing application, you will surely be excited about the features integrated into this new version.

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