New $500 4K Camera from Yongnuo Features Android, 4G and More

New $500 4K Camera from Yongnuo Features Android, 4G and More 1

Last year, a number of rumors circulated regarding a possible new camera from the Yongnuo brand. Last week, the company made an official announcement that the camera is real and will hit the market very soon. The new camera is said to be powered by the popular Android operating system and offer features like internet connectivity, the ability to share content instantly, along with 4K video capability and a large touch display built into the camera for browsing photos, capturing the perfect photograph, and more. 

The announcement was officially made last week by representatives from the Yongnuo brand. The brand is known for producing a number of useful products for photographers that compete with the bigger brand options on the market, yet comes at a more affordable price. In the past, Yongnuo is popular for its range of lenses, along with a number of lighting units. 

New $500 4K Camera from Yongnuo Features Android, 4G and More 2

When the brand announced its upcoming camera, it was quite a surprise for fans. This is the first time the brand is competing in terms of an actual camera unit. No details have been provided in terms of when the new camera will hit the market at the moment, but fans of the brand can expect more details from the brand in the near future. 

The new camera from the Yongnuo brand will feature 4K video recording capabilities with an impressive 30 fps, which is superior to some alternatives that we have seen thus far on the market, even from some of the bigger brands. Additionally, the camera will feature a 16-megapixel sensor, produced by Panasonic, along with a Canon EF mount, adding this upcoming camera to the list of the latest in mirrorless cameras on the market. The camera will feature a micro four-thirds sensor for improved photographic quality. The Canon EF mount also greatly expands the possibilities in terms of lenses that can be used with the camera. The camera will feature a very slim body, providing a better grip for the photographer.

The camera will have a built-in 32GB memory unit, which allows for a relatively large number of photos and videos to be stored. For those who need more space, an SD card slot will allow the memory of the camera to be expanded by another 32GB, doubling the capacity of the camera. 

A customized Android operating system will run on the camera, which can be utilized on the built-in 5-inch display unit. The camera will also be equipped with 4G internet connectivity, which can be utilized to instantly share photographs on social media networks without the need to first import the photos on a computer or other supported device. 

New $500 4K Camera from Yongnuo Features Android, 4G and More 3

Yongnuo has announced that the camera will first be launched in China. The launch is expected to occur in April 2019. This will mark one of the most affordable camera options with the features noted to be integrated into the new camera model from Yongnuo. The company has announced that the camera will retail for a price lower than $500. 

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