Mimeo Photos Hits Number One Spot in Photography Category on macOS App Store

Mimeo Photos

On the 12th of December 2018, the Mimeo Photos app, available on the macOS App Store for Mac users, hit the number one spot in the category of photography apps on the store. In addition to reaching the number one spot in its category, the app also reached number eight among all of the top free applications that are available for macOS devices. 

Mimeo Photos is an extension that plugs into the built-in Photos app on macOS operating systems. Once the extension has been installed, it opens up a range of premium features for the Mac user, which can be used to produce creative photography projects. 

Just a few months before hitting the number one spot, the company behind the Mimeo Photos app appointed Nigel Barker, a professional photographer known around the world, as the Creative Director. Nigel has already implemented several campaigns to help spread the word about the Mimeo Photos app and this recent news celebrated by the developers might be a sign that the appointment of Nigel as the Creative Director was the right move for the company. 

Between the appointment of a new Creative Director and hitting the number one spot in the photography section on the macOS App Store, the company has had other events that also contributed to the success that they are now celebrating. 

Earlier in December, the company ran a competition among the photographers who were using the Mimeo Photos extension. Participants in the competition were asked to share photographs of the city they live in. The campaign was named “My City,” and thousands of users decided to take part in the competition and send in their entries. 

Mimeo Photos

The winner of the “My City” campaign competition was awarded a private master class course, provided by Nigel himself. This was a very unique opportunity and sparked a lot of interest in the application, leading to a rise in downloads and ultimately getting the app on the top lists on the macOS App Store. 

The Mimeo Photos app provides the user with premium features that allow them to easily design unique Photobooks directly from the macOS Photos application. In addition to the photobook functionality, the extension also allows the user to create calendars and cards from within the Photos app, without the need to import photos into any external or third-party application. 

A range of built-in photo editing tools also makes it easy to quickly edit a photograph without the need for any other photo editing application. There are nine built-in features that users can choose from, or they can adjust the settings of each photo manually. 

Apart from providing the main Mimeo Photos extension, the company behind this app also offer users access to the Apple Photo Project Ordering Service, where users can upload their photo projects and have them printed professionally, then delivered directly to their doorstep.

The app is available as a free download and will immediately integrate with the Photos app upon installation. 

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