Insta360 GO – World’s Tiniest Stabilized Camera

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Insta360 has just unveiled the world’s smallest, most convenient camera yet called the Insta360 GO. The new Insta360 GO is a tiny action camera weighing only 18.3g (0.65oz). It’s dubbed “the world’s smallest stabilized camera” by the 360-degree action camera brand.

Insta360 had recently teased the GO, an action cam which it claims is the world’s smallest with stabilization. The company had mentioned in its teaser that the model would be six times lighter and twice as stable as other action cameras. Coming in at just 18.3g (0.65oz), the Insta360 GO is certainly about as light as was promised.

The Insta360 GO can be seen as a new entry-level offer in the company’s consumer action cam lineup. It’s great for situations that require a more compact and convenient action cam than either the Insta360 ONE or the Insta360 ONE X. However, the new Insta360 GO lacks a lot of the features available in these other cameras. For example, there’s neither a dedicated stills capture nor a 360-degree option.

Features and Specifications of the Insta360 GO

One of the most compelling features of this new insta360 camera is the company’s 6-axis FlowState stabilization technology. The stabilization technology helps to keep everything smooth and rivals similar ones used in the most recent action cameras from brands like GoPro and DJI, although, the Insta360 GO isn’t supposed to be a direct competitor to those cameras.

The Insta360 GO is a life-logging action camera with magnetic pendant (to allow you wear it around your neck) and some other accessories (to enable you to attach it to clothing, objects, and vehicles) for hands-free shooting. It’s designed to capture moments — just short clips — not long vlogging sessions or crazy hiking challenges. It has a unique Barrel Roll feature that can twist your footage “like a turntable.”

The new GO camera packs a wide-angle lens with an f/2.1 aperture and captures 3040 x 3040 videos and stills. It shoots up to 30 seconds of oversampled 1080p video each time the lone button located at the bottom of the camera is pressed.

You can use it to capture up to 30 minutes of smooth hyperlapse footage (and replay it at 6x speed), timelapse footage, or 1600×900 res slow motion 100fps footage which is automatically processed and outputs at 30fps. It has 8GB of built-in storage as well as Bluetooth 4.0 to support its functionality.

The Insta360 GO comes as a bundle including a Charge Case, a Magnetic Pendant, Pivot Stand, an Easy Clip, and a Sticky Base.

Once the Insta360 GO is fully charged, you can shoot up to 200 clips, then just pop it into its dedicated Charge Case and offload the clips to your mobile phone. Then the GO’s FlashCut AI technology (available on both iOS and Android) will automatically help you edit the clips by selecting the “best” clips and combining them to create a shareable video that is complete with music. You can choose to edit your videos manually as well if you prefer.

The Insta360 GO offers convenience as you can wear it around or attach it to your car or bike during your next adventure, recording footage as you go, and let the app do the rest of the work for you. Finally, the camera is also IPX4 water-resistant which means that don’t have to worry about splash or rain and you can submerge it for up to ten seconds at a time.

Availability and Pricing

To get more information about the camera or purchase one GO camera for yourself, head over to the Insta360 website. You can pick yours up today for $199.99 / £209 / AU$329.99.

The Insta360 GO comes as a bundle including a charging case, a magnetic pendant, a pivot stand, an easy clip, and a sticky base.

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