Hyde to Feature ‘Colorama,’ Eastman Photography in Its 2019 Exhibitions

Hyde to Feature 'Colorama,' Eastman Photography in Its 2019 Exhibitions 3

The popular Hyde Collection, which showcases some of the most profound exhibitions of today’s time, has announced their schedule for 2019’s exhibitions. Known for exhibiting collections that depict the shifting paradigms in technology, vision, and mind-set, the Hyde Collection’s schedule is one of the most awaited ones among art enthusiasts who wish to view the world in a way that they never have before.

Coloroma from George Eastman Museum

Kicking off the New Year will be the “Coloroma from George Eastman Museum” collection of some of the best and most striking advertisements that have touched the hearts of every American over the past couple of decades.

There are a total of 36 images in 18 foot by 16-foot setting which showcases the changing American lives, from the celebration of festivals to world-changing historical events to something as innocuous as a weekend family trip. This is a collection that will idealize the past for the young ones while giving the elderly a chance to reconnect with the days gone by.

From the Vault – Staff Selections

Next will come a unique exhibition titled “From the Vault – Staff Selections” from January 20 to March 31. As the name itself suggests, the staff members working in the Museum have handpicked the collection of this exhibition. A mixed bag of art featuring artists like Picasso and Degas, this collection will also provide some insight into the Museum’s staff members.

A Magical World: The Art of Jacob Houston

From April 7 to June 23, 2019, the Hyde Collection will be displaying the most popular works by Jacob Houston under the title “A Magical World: The Art of Jacob Houston”. Featuring in exhibits like the LARAC’s Lapham Gallery, Saratoga Arts Centre, Washington County Farm Museum and Southern Vermont Arts Centre, Houston has made a name for himself for romanticizing the world with the use of bright enamel colors. Whether it is a cityscape or a landscape, Houston has managed to create some true masterpieces which do deserve the chance to be exhibited at the Hyde Collection.

The High School Juried Show which features the talents of the brightest art students will be on display from May 4 to June 2. Students from schools in Warren, Washington, Saratoga, Hamilton and Essex counties can submit their entries which be judged by a panel of juries before being chosen for display at the Collection.

From the Rooftops: John Sloane and the Art of a New Urban Space

Hyde to Feature 'Colorama,' Eastman Photography in Its 2019 Exhibitions 4

“From the Rooftops: John Sloane and the Art of a New Urban Space” is scheduled for June 16 to Sept. 15. This collection provides an insight into the celebrated painted John Sloane’s work who was the first to look at New York’s rooftops and observe the busy life of the New Yorkers as well as the small moments that make their life meaningful.

The 2016 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region

“The 2016 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region” will be showcased from October 11 to December 8 and will display works from the best artists within a 100-mile radius of Glen Falls and Capital region. The entries will be judged by Victoria Palerma, a celebrated artist and educator in the region.

Picasso, Braque, and Leger: Twentieth Century Modern Masters

Hyde’s last exhibition will be exhibited from October 6 to January 5, 2020. It is called “Picasso, Braque, and Leger: Twentieth Century Modern Masters,” and explores the influence these masters had on Modern Art. Some of the best-known works as well as those that made the most impact will be exhibited in this collection.

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