Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W Now Available

Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W Image

Popular manufacturer of luxury tripods, Gitzo, has recently announced a major new addition to its range of exotic tripod heads. The Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W is designed to deliver precise and versatile framing for professional photographers.

The new Gitzo GHF3W pan-and-tilt head offers retractable handles, a rotating spirit level, and Arca-Swiss compatibility. It comes with a stiff ultra-light magnesium body, weighs less than 1kg and can safely support a payload of up to 13kg. It is a perfect tool for landscape and studio photographers who require precise framing and fine-tuned compositions.

The GHF3W is also suitable for architectural photography where there’s a need to experiment with angles in order to achieve various creative perspectives. It offers an impressive working versatility as well as precise framing for creative photography.

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The Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W offers the same capabilities of four already existing pan-and-tilt heads in its range and comes with some engineering features found in some of the best pan-and-tilt heads available.

The GHF3W bears some functional similarity to Manfrotto X-Pro 3-Way Head which also happens to be among the best pan-and-tilt heads in the market today. For example, it features innovative ergonomic retractable tilt handles which are very similar to the one on the Manfrotto X-Pro head.

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Another interesting addition is the twisting bubble level with which users can ensure both vertical and horizontal alignment by simply rotating the device on the side. It also boasts retractable tilt handles which are specifically designed to support all camera models and be easy to carry for outdoor adventures.

The new GHF3W head is set to replace the G2272M, G2271M, G2270M, and G1570M in the Gitzo series.

Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W Specifications

The GHF3W features retractable levers for compactness and ease of transportation. Gitzo’s 3-Way Fluid Head features an independent fluid cartridge for each axis and ensures seamless silky smooth movement with no trace of a stick-slip. The company’s new fluid formula ensures flawless movement control, even in extreme conditions. It can be used in harsh temperatures as low as -30°C and up to 70°C.

Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W Image 3

While weighing only 0.955 kg, the GHF3W’s aluminum and magnesium construction enable it to support camera rigs weighing up to 13kg. It features a 7cm rubberized Arca-Swiss type plate and a quick release camera holder is attached to the head by pressing down firmly against the base. Users can easily adjust the width of the base through the side screws and use with other plates.

The GHF3W has a 60mm base diameter and the plate holder is capable of 90° rotation which essentially implies a fourth controllable movement. This rotation prevents collision with tripods with a larger spider like the Gitzo Systematic. It also leads to greater working flexibility, versatility and framing as photographers can quickly switch from portrait to landscape, and easily shoot overhead and below.

Availability and Pricing

The new Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head GHF3W is available now. The gear is also available in a kit with Gitzo’s Mountaineer series tripods.

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