Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper

Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper 1

Human imagination has no limits, and that’s definitely a good thing. Creativity and a little bit of effort are all that’s necessary to create some truly awesome things, and you’re going to love this one – camera kit made entirely from paper. Yes, we’re serious!

The paper camera was created by DOTMOT, a Seoul-based motion and design studio that focuses on challenging and exploring their creativity to develop some amazing things. They prioritize a simple and trendy design based on the fact that every design starts with a small dot. So, what did they do exactly? 

The South Korean brand created a colorful replica of a photography kit containing DSLR, external flash, and two interchangeable lenses using paper only. Not only did they choose colorful paper to make this cute kit, but they also made sure the replica has a similar size as the original as well. The idea that the camera is made from paper makes us think it’s fragile, but you can mount flash and lenses easily. Their dedication to every detail is demonstrated with the fact that buttons and other tiniest details on the original camera are also included in the paper replica.

It’s needless to mention that the paper replica doesn’t take photos. And you can’t actually buy it because DOTMOT created one piece for display only. But, it’s still fun to imagine it working and someone actually buying a paper camera, isn’t it?

In addition to the paper camera, the brand also made paper shoes, paper car, and many other items. Their creativity is truly outstanding if we bear in mind these objects are realistic shape and size. 

Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper 2

Cameras seem to be a major source of inspiration for artists and other creative people. For example, while back there was a chocolate Nikon camera that was handcrafted with the finest Italian chocolate. Making a camera using chocolate wasn’t an easy endeavor, and it took a lot of time to perfect it. But, just like DOTMOT with paper, these guys also paid attention to even the tiniest detail, and it comes in the actual Nikon camera size. But, unlike DOTMOT’s paper camera kit replica, you can actually buy a chocolate camera, and it comes with a stylish box. 

Photography gear inspired accessory designers too. For instance, the Japanese brand TACS has created a collection of watches inspired by camera lenses. The collection allows potential customers to choose from six different styles of lenses ranging from vintage lens to lens-M and color lens. 

Photography is an art form, and it comes as no wonder why cameras, lenses, and external flashes are a source of inspiration for fashion brands, chocolate makers, and basically everyone else. Camera kit made of paper may seem simple to some people, but it took a lot of time and energy to create something so unique making sure size is just like the “regular” camera and every single feature perfectly positioned as well. While we can’t buy or use this paper camera, it’s nice just to look at this colorful kit.

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