Camera Bits Announces Photo Mechanic 6

Camera Bits Announces Photo Mechanic 6 1

After almost seven years, Camera Bits have announced that their popular Photo Mechanics software is finally getting a much deserved major update. The new version will be Photo Mechanics 6, being the successor of the previously released Photo Mechanics 5. This major update is said to provide users with a significant update on existing features and even a couple of new additions to make the process of ingesting, culling, and exporting photos, among other features, faster and more convenient than before. 

The announcement from the Camera Bits company came last week. The previous major updated version from the company, being Photo Mechanics 5, was released in August 2012. After quite a significant period of time, reaching close to seven years to be specific, the company announced that they are soon rolling out the next major update. 

One of the major updates that will come with the new Photo Mechanic 6 software is the fact that the application will be rewritten in order to be compatible with 64-bit architectures. This is an important change to the software as it will help the user take advantage of the latest updates provided by the Operating System to enhance overall performance. 

Apart from the support for 64-bit architectures, Photo Mechanic 6 will also now feature a redesigned interface that, according to the developers, will be a significant improvement over the interface that was introduced in Photo Mechanic 5. The idea behind the new interface that users will soon have access to is to provide an enhancement in streamlining the process of culling photos, ingesting photos, viewing photos, and, of course, to ensure the user is able to quickly and easily add tags to appropriate photos. Exporting will also be streamlined in this version of the software. 

The interface will also be more compact than the previous version in order to provide an easier way to navigate through thousands of photos at a time in order to find the best ones. This also takes up less space on the desktop. 

Camera Bits Announces Photo Mechanic 6 2

The developer, Camera Bits, also announced that the new Photo Mechanic 6 software would be up to three times faster than Photo Mechanic 5, especially when it comes to rendering thumbnails of the photos that the user needs to cull and scroll through to find their best shots. 

An additional feature is also being introduced in the new version of Photo Mechanic. The previous version was unable to ingest photos from the user’s memory card. With Photo Mechanic 6, the user will be able to select a memory card as the source for ingesting photographs. 

The new version of the software will cost $139 for a single user license. Users who have an existing license for version 5 will be able to buy an upgrade license for $89. In cases where a user has purchased Photo Mechanic 5 within the last year, a free upgrade option will be available. 

Photo Mechanic 6 will be officially released on March 25, 2019. The company will provide further details on the new features as time draws closer to the release date. 

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