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Meet DOTMOT: The Camera Kit Replica Made Entirely of Paper

Human imagination has no limits, and that’s definitely a good thing. Creativity and a little bit of effort are all that’s necessary to create some truly awesome things, and you’re going to love this one – camera kit made entirely from paper. Yes, we’re serious! The paper camera was created by DOTMOT, a Seoul-based motion

Raspberry Pi Project Turns into an Etch-A-Snap Camera

The Raspberry Pi system has given people an endless number of possibilities, with creativity truly being the only limitation. What Martin Fitzpatrick built, however, was something unseen among both the photography community and enthusiasts who dabble with the Raspberry Pi system. He built quite a fascinating device that draws a photograph onto an Etch-A-Sketch device. 

Sony A9 Gets a Firmware Update with Newly Added Features

Sony rarely releases firmware for their cameras that brings about new features. On March 25, 2019, the company announced the release of a new firmware update for the popular Sony A9 camera. The update introduces a range of new features to the camera, helping customers take even better photos than before. Sony made the announcement

New Foldable Camera Launched by Insta360

Less than a year ago, Insta360 introduced the Insta360 ONE X, which offered a significant upgrade over previous models and gave many of the latest cameras on the market a run for their money. Now, the company has announced a very unique product that, once again, puts its competitors to the test. The Insta360 EVO

New Imaging Technique Gives Traditional Cameras Super-Fast Imaging Speeds

Some researchers from the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) in Canada have developed a new imaging technique. The method which is called Compressed Optical-Streaking Ultra-high-speed Photography (COSUP), pushes the limits of standard imaging sensors. Typical imaging sensors have image capturing speed limit of 100 frames per second. But with this new technology, one

New Leica Q2 Revealed with 95% Higher Resolution

After the success of the Leica Q, the company recently announced the release of an updated version, the Leica Q2. This new camera features a significant number of upgrades compared to the original Q model, including a much better resolution, the ability to capture photographs in rainy conditions, and even an improvement in the lens.

Camera Bits Announces Photo Mechanic 6

After almost seven years, Camera Bits have announced that their popular Photo Mechanics software is finally getting a much deserved major update. The new version will be Photo Mechanics 6, being the successor of the previously released Photo Mechanics 5. This major update is said to provide users with a significant update on existing features

Sony and Xiaomi to Leverage Light’s Advanced Computational Imaging Solutions for Multi-Camera Devices

Innovations in the mobile device industry have ensured that the present generation of phones is really ‘smart’. We regularly see various enhancement in both design and functionality. For example, the recent trend in the design of mobile devices is the use of a large size display. This display trend also increases the need for more powerful

New Nokia 9 PureView to Feature Five Cameras

The MWC 2019 event held a surprise for photographers who enjoy using their smartphone as a sidekick while taking photos. HMD Global officially announced the Nokia 9 PureView smartphone during the event, featuring a total of five cameras in order to produce better quality photographs that are sure to impress. The cameras are accompanied by

New AI-Based Long Exposure Photography App for iPhones

For photographers who enjoy taking photos with their iPhone, last week marked an important date, especially those who frequently find themselves taking long exposure photos. The developer team behind the popular Halide application for the range of Apple iPhone smartphones announced a new app, known as Spectre, that now uses artificial intelligence to help photographers

Oppo Smartphone to Feature 10x Zoom and 48MP Camera

At the February 2017 MWC event, Oppo showed off a hybrid phone camera technology which is capable of 5x optical zoom. Although there’s currently no smartphone on the market with that camera technology, the company is now promising something even better – doubling the impressive zoom. Oppo is preparing to launch a smartphone with its