6 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

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The wireless home security cameras of today have significantly reduced the occurrences of thefts and break-ins due to their superior ability to provide real-time security footage in high definition, straight to your phone.

Some cameras are completely wireless and battery-operated, while others, though equally excellent require a power cord. However, the latter is still able to connect to all other home systems and even your phone wirelessly. Other important features include alerts, night vision, and even two-way communication.

There are numerous, excellent wireless home security cameras currently on the market that are able to take care of all your home invasion fears. However, going through all of them to choose the perfect one for yourself can be a bit daunting. So to help you make the best possible choice when it comes to household security, we’ve made a list of the topmost wireless home security cameras currently on the market! 

1. Arlo Ultra (Overall Winner)

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If money is no object, and you want to go all out on your home security system, then the Arlo Ultra is your best bet! This impressive wireless camera features cutting edge modern technology, along with superior video and audio quality as well. Not to mention the plethora of incredible features it has.

Arlo Ultra is weather-resistant and completely wire-free. It is able to connect to and work with Alexa efficiently and provides a full year of Arlo’s Smart Premier service alongside rolling 30-day cloud storage.

Arlo Ultra has the highest video quality of all wireless home security cameras and features a stunning 4K video and even HDR. It also has a wide 180-degree angle viewing with an auto image-correction so as to avoid any blind spots and provide top quality footage.

Enhanced night vision with color enables users to clearly monitor their house in excellent detail and color. Integrated spotlight and autofocus zoom in and tracking allow users to monitor any and all movement in their house effectively. 

The Arlo Ultra features brilliant noise cancellation technology in its two-way speakers so you can speak and listen to crystal clear audio. Last but not least, Arlo Ultra can be set up to send emergency responders straight to your location, with just the click of a button on your smartphone.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam (Budget Winner)

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The Ring Stick up cam is a brilliant, plugin camera that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The wireless home security camera has some really neat features alongside high-quality video and audio. This camera has a Live View which you can use to keep an eye on your house at all times, no matter how far from home you are.

The Protect Plan by Ring allows users to record and save surveillance footage for up to 60 days, and to even share it with friends and family. The device is incredibly easy to use and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors easily, with Ring’s versatile mounting brackets. 

Similarly, the Ring is also very easy to use and install. A friendly and simple interface and setup means the whole process of connecting your device to the wifi can be done within a few minutes. The Ring camera can also be set up with Alexa to provide complete home security at all times. You can easily set up a few of the cameras at different angles and areas in the house to be able to monitor your entire household.

These Ring cameras are incredibly reliant and efficient and their continuous power supply means you will never have to worry about the cameras running out of power and leaving your home unsecured. 

3. Blink XT2

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera Image

Another truly wireless home security camera set up, the Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera is powered by two AA lithium batteries that last for a good two years. Like all great modern cameras, the Blink XT2 also features live-view, two-way talk, motion recording and connectivity with Alexa. You can even set up activity zones where the device monitors any and all activity much more carefully and sends in real-time data and alerts of even the tiniest movement.

The best part about this device though has to be its free cloud storage. So no additional charges for storing all your important footage on the cloud! The device’s video quality is superb with 1080p videos being recorded during the day and infrared night vision for after dark. 

This device can easily be used both indoors and outdoors and has a relatively easy setup. The device is also robust enough to withstand less than ideal weather conditions such as rain and snow, so you don’t have to worry about the device being damaged even during extreme weather conditions.

4. Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam Image

The Wyze Cam can cover your entire room in a matter of 30 seconds with its Pan scan feature. You can even manually Pan, tilt, and zoom in with this camera through your smartphone while monitoring your room.

The 1080p and infrared video quality of the Wyze Cam rival that of high-end security cameras. The device also contains live motion sensors and two way talking as well.

The device is able to connect to Google Assistant and Alexa to give you an incredibly well-integrated indoor security system. All in all, the Wyze Cam is completely capable of putting some of the high-end cameras to shame with all its features and low price tag. 

5. Smart Security Camera by ZUMIMALL

Smart Security Camera by ZUMIMALL Image

Another brilliant security camera that has everything you could ask for and more. ZUMIMALL’s Smart Security camera features excellent, cutting edge technology and is priced very reasonably. This device can be easily installed both indoors and outdoors within 10 minutes because of its easy and fuss-free installation with double-sided tape and magnetic brackets.

The camera has amazing 1080p video quality and is able to detect even the tiniest of motions with its live detection PIR sensor. The camera also has an effective night vision feature, along with two way talk as well.

ZUMIMALL’s Smart Security camera is IP65 Weatherproof Certified and can withstand even extreme weather conditions. A rechargeable battery means you don’t have to worry about buying more batteries or handling pesky wires anymore. 

6. Reolink Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

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Although this product might be a little less known, it is a dark horse in our list of best wireless home security cameras. The camera contains almost all of the same features found in expensive, high-end devices, including a rechargeable battery.

However, What’s different about this device is its ability to use SD cards so that you always have a hardcopy of your files if the need ever arises. The device can be installed both indoors and outdoors and is more than capable of withstanding tough weather conditions. It is also able to connect with both Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Bottom Line on Wireless Home Security Cameras

Many people lose sleep over how to protect their homes from intruders in their absence. However, modern technology-based wireless home security cameras can very easily put an end to all your fears. We’ve made a list of all the best wireless home security systems for you to choose the best one for yourself. 

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