8 Best Waterproof Camera Cases

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The opportunity to capture the perfect shot can happen at any time, but if you are not fully prepared, you might miss a once-in-a-lifetime photograph. While having your camera with you and packing the right lenses at all times is important, this will not be enough when it starts raining. With one of the best waterproof camera cases, however, your photo shoot can continue in rainy weather, ensuring you will never be caught off-guard or unable to capture the shot of a lifetime. 

If your camera isn’t waterproof or weather-sealed, there are a number of cases to choose from, but let’s face it – not all of them will offer an equal level of protection for your expensive camera. We share some of the top waterproof camera cases that you definitely have to consider. Be sure to look closely at each of these and choose the one that is the right fit for your camera, as well as your budget. 

1. Meikon Underwater Camera Housing Case (Overall Winner)

Meikon Underwater Camera Housing Case Image

The best case that we found on the market is the Meikon Underwater Camera Housing Case. While the price is quite high, this particular option offers exceptional quality and advanced waterproofing.

The Meikon Underwater Camera Housing Case is compatible with a variety of Sony cameras and also fits certain lenses that may be equipped on the camera. A dome port is also featured by the product for specific photographic effects. 

2. Zonman Underwater Housing Case

Zonman DSLR Camera University Waterproof Underwater Housing Case Image

The Zonman Underwater Housing Case is another great option that comes at a much lower price tag compared to our top selection. The product is compatible with a variety of cameras, including those from Sony, Nikon, and Canon.

This case is able to provide protection for your camera against water exposure of up to 16 feet. You can choose between two colors, including a clear case and a black option if you decide to opt for this one. 

3. Canon WP-DC55

Canon WP-DC55 Image

If you own a Canon camera and you want a waterproof case, then this is the option for you. The price of the Canon WP-DC55 is on the higher side, but the quality and the durability of the product is perfect for cases where you might be planning to have a photography session near water, or perhaps in the rain.

The Canon WP-DC55 includes a neck strap as well as silicone grease to ensure you can keep the product waterproof even with prolonged use. 

4. DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro

DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro Image

The DiCAPac WP-S10 Pro focuses on ensuring you can take clear pictures with your camera, even while underwater. The product is able to provide effective waterproofing for your camera at depths of up to 16 feet underneath the water. Apart from fitting the camera’s body, the WP-S10 Pro can also fit lenses with a size of up to 5.9 inches. 

5. Luniquz Waterproof Bag

Luniquz DSLR SLR Camera Waterproof Bag Image

The Luniquz Waterproof Bag is one of the more affordable waterproof camera cases if you are looking to take your camera underwater. It is compatible with different cameras from a variety of brands, and whether you own a Nikon or Canon camera, you can use this pouch. The bag uses a special triple waterproofing system. This ensures not a drop of water will enter the case and destroy your camera. 

6. DiCAPac WP-S3

DiCAPac WP-S3 Image

While the majority of these cases seem to be made for DSLR cameras, the DiCAPac WP-S3 is a great option if you own a mirrorless camera or another high-end product, and it comes at an affordable price.

Apart from being able to protect your camera against water effectively, the case is also resistant to dust, sand, and even snow. The material used in the construction of the case helps to avoid damage to your camera due to exposure to UV light. 

7. Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro HERO4 and HERO3+

Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case for GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ Image

The last option on our list is perfect for those who own a GoPro camera. The Yimobra Waterproof Housing Case is compatible with both the GoPro HERO4 and the GoPro HERO3+. It features a Quick Release Mount button, as well as a Thumbscrew Protective function. The casing itself is mostly transparent and comes with a low price tag.

8. Movo CRC01DB (Budget Winner)

Movo CRC01DB Image

If you find yourself on a low budget and the weather seems to be turning toward the rainy side, then the Movo CRC01DB would certainly be a good option to consider. This nylon rain cover is the perfect option for when the rain starts falling. Note that this product will not protect your camera when submerged into water. The cover is compatible with different DSLR cameras, including those from brands like Pentax, Sony, Canon, and Olympus. 

Choosing Waterproof Camera Cases

With one of the best waterproof camera cases at your disposal, it is possible to continue taking photos even when it starts to rain during a photo shoot. We provided a comprehensive overview of the best cases that you should take a look at if you do want to have a cover that can help to protect your camera against the rain and other instances where you might be taking photos near water. 

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