6 Best Budget Video Cameras

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Video recording performance on cameras has evolved through the years from a niche feature into a standard one. Now, almost all devices, including smartphones and PCs, are made with high-resolution cameras for photos and videos. Buyers of new cameras, therefore, expect more value other than basic features and compatibility. 

That being said, you shouldn’t expect the same quality from all video cameras, even if they have the same features. Camera manufacturers are trying hard to grab a large share of the market by fortifying their products with enticing features that will make you want to hold your camera and record videos all day long.

What does this mean? Cameras are made with different sensors, resolution, and they have different methods of capture as well. They are specifically designed to suit the recording needs of different users.

For users that prefer cameras with 4K video recording, Panasonic has long been the best option. But that was then. Right now, we have lots of options on our plate to choose from depending on our budget and needs. So many camera brands have risen to the challenge and filled the market with cameras that were designed with breathtaking features.

So whether you need a camera to record a film or to take along for a vacation during the holiday, there are many options for you. To help you decide on the best choice, we have carefully selected the best models you can buy. Find below our top picks that are guaranteed to offer you the top camera features you need.

1. Panasonic HC-WXF991K (Overall Winner)

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If you are searching for a high performing camcorder, you have just found one. For a reasonable price, you can grab this camcorder with its amazing features. Although the 4K video has not reached its high-end point yet, that might take just a little time. For now, the hardware infrastructure is still undergoing proliferation as it supports both wired and wireless devices.

Panasonic’s HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD camcorder doesn’t come with a long list of features, but the few it got are pretty amazing for a 4K camera. Perhaps, the brand wants to focus on the fantastic 4K shooting, which is its selling point, and it’s even enough to keep it trending for the next few years.

Aside from these, it boasts of in-camera editing of 1080p displays and ultra HD recording. Its Electronic View Finder (EVF) guarantees a professional recording experience for any user. 

2. Panasonic HC-V770

Panasonic HC-V770 Image

For users that desire a balance of features in terms of hardware, design, convenience, and value, the Panasonic brand managed to find one in this exclusive product. It has all the connectivity itineraries that a modern camcorder ought to have for it to capture fantastic footing.

The Panasonic HC-V770 allows a perfect picture-in-picture video effect with its Wireless Twin Camera. Its Back Side Illumination Sensor is charged with 6.03M effective pixels, designed to guarantee noise suppression and produce great footage in poor lighting. It also enables remote shooting as you can use your smartphone or other remote devices to control the camcorder from a distance and record great footage.

3. Canon VIXIA HF R800

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Image

For a modest price, the Canon VIXIA HF R800 gives you the best value for a video camera. It boasts of a perfect picture zoom quality that makes it ideal for family outings and vacations.

The R800 has an optical zoom of 57x (32.5-1853Mm) advanced zoom/ 32x Optical / 1140x Digital and Super range OIS that ensures it captures every object insight in your footage. It also allows you to create a time-lapse while filming as well as slow-motion videos. 

The video processor in the R800 filters out all noise and captures an HD 1920 x 1080 footage. Its DIGIC DV 4 image processor allows it to capture more light while filming so you don’t have to worry about any blurriness. Indeed, the R800 is built for capturing the best moments with a family to be treasured for many years to come.

4. Linnse HD Camcorder

Linnse HD Camcorder Image

A perfect video camera with a video resolution of FHD 1920X1080 (30fps), HD 1280×720 (120/60/30fps), VGA 640×480 (30fps) and webcam for vlogging that offers YouTube supports. It comes with a 16x digital zoom and remote control.

This camcorder’s night vision compatibility allows it to shoot high-quality filming in low light conditions and darkness. Its external microphone has a 3.5mm input jack that guarantees clear recordings. Also, its built-in expandable storage of up to 128gb makes it a perfect option anytime. 

You can charge this camera and record at the same time. You can even pause a video recording and continue from where you stopped later without creating a new file. It also supports slow-motion recording, time-lapse, and continuous shooting.

This camera can perform motion detection in case there is a moving object within the camera’s vision. It will begin recording automatically. Vloggers will have nothing left to crave with this fantastic camera.

5. Sony HDRCX405

Sony HDRCX405 Image

Sony has long been a household name for high-quality video cameras offering fantastic models with great value for beginners and pros alike. In this model, the brand’s focus was to meet the needs of low budget camera users.

This camera was designed for use by teens, kids, and adults. Some of its amazing features include noise detection and filtering function and face detection with voice enhancement techniques.

The Handyman HD video recorder can create a 9.2MP still images and a 1920 x 1080 60p. Its wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens leaves nothing to be imagined. Every user will cherish their time with this amazingly built camera by Sony.

6. YI 4K (Budget Winner)

YI 4K Action Sports Camera Image

Here is the best video camera for athletes and other sports enthusiasts. It is designed with a long battery life that can record up to 120 minutes 4K/30fps with a single charge. Sharing footage for live streaming and social media is a breeze with the YI app and the camera’s built-in Bluetooth and high speed of 5GHz/2. 4GHz.

The YI 4K action cam has a superb sporty design that ensures portability. This includes 22 inches and a 330ppi high sensitivity and high-resolution retina. It can shoot 120MP photos and records in 1080p/120fps, 4K/30fps (100mbps) and 720p/240fps. If not for anything else, its new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip is enough to make it a top pick.


Whatever your purpose of using a video camera, these devices will meet your needs anytime. If you want a camera that offers the best value, high quality, reasonably priced and incredible features, check out this list and make a great choice.

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