4 Best Travel Tripods for 2020

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A full-sized tripod offers a rock-solid base for your photography and certainly can’t be beaten for its truly solid support. However, nobody likes to carry a heavy tripod while traveling, so it’s more likely that you will leave it behind at home where it’s of no use to anyone.

Therefore, the manufacturers these days are increasingly focusing on designing the best travel tripods that are not only lightweight but also compact enough that they can be easily put inside of or strapped to your camera bag.

Travel tripods help enhance picture-perfect moments for travelers without the need to carry bulky photography equipment around. While you are on a mission to explore the world, they ensure you get top-quality images of your memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, if you need the best travel tripod for 2020, you have come to the right place. With so many new models being introduced these days, it becomes difficult to figure out which one will work for your once-in-a-lifetime moments. To help make things easier for you, we have narrowed down some of the best travel tripods for 2020.

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1. Peak Design Travel Tripod

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Peak Design is known for its camera bags, belt holster systems, and carrier straps. They also introduced some amazing tripods and this revolutionary travel tripod is the newest addition to the company’s tripod lineup. It has gotten everyone’s attention and there are quite a few things that make it unique and certainly one of the best travel tripods for 2020.

First off, it’s truly a travel tripod. It can be folded down to under 15.5 inches (40 cm) and stretched to 60 inches (about 152 cm) while in use, which is incredible and more than enough for any travel photographer.

Also, there are two material options for you to choose from – aluminum and carbon fiber. The former weighs about 1.5 kg and the latter, at about 1.3 kg, weighs a little less. The maximum load capacity of the tripod is 9.1 kg. The weight seems quite manageable and is similar to other state-of-the-art travel tripods. The one built with the carbon fiber material is lighter and costs more.

A few of this tripod’s advantages include Arca Swiss compatibility, a single ring for adjusting the head, and its four-leg extenders that offer more versatility. The low-profile ball head looks simple but works admirably. You will also find a phone holder hidden inside the center column.

2. 3 Legged Thing Punks Travis

3 Legged Thing Punks Travis Image

3 Legged Thing is an innovative tripod manufacturer. It’s Punks Travis tripod series also consists of the Corey tripod, which is unusually compact and can be folded down to only 35cm. It features five leg sections and a dual section that extends down the center column of the tripod.

However, the Travis tripod is preferable due to its soaring height for the operation. Additionally, a single-piece center and its four thinnest components in each leg make the tripod less shaky. And above all, this travel tripod has a maximum load rating of 18kg.

Like many of the modern travel tripods around, the Travis travel tripod can be swung up to reduce the length to around 45cm. You can also unscrew one of the legs and use it together with a detachable center column that turns it into a monopod, reaching the maximum height of 171cm.

As for the construction quality of the tripod, it’s outstanding throughout. Moreover, the 3 Legged Thing Punks Travis also comes in a carbon fiber version that weighs about 220g less and goes by the name of ‘Billy’. However, it’s quite expensive and may not be the best fit for those with budget concerns.

3. JOBY RangePod Smart

Joby RangePod Smart Image

Choosing the right travel tripod for content creators is not an easy job unless you are quite familiar with photography accessories. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available on the market.

That’s where JOBY comes in to play – manufacturer of the great GorillaPod tripod series and an excellent solutions provider for content creators. Recently, JOBY released its first full-sized tripod to the market, the JOBY RangePod Smart, which can be an ideal choice for those travel photographers who love to shoot with their phones.

This travel tripod allows you to mount your phone either horizontally and vertically on a phone clamp that features a pair of attachment points. It makes things a lot easier and helps you instantly switch between regular shooting and recording for YouTube or Instagram.

On the other hand, you can attach a DSLR or a mirrorless camera with its Arca-Swiss plate, which can handle a weight of up to 8 kg, meaning you can mount those chunky cameras and lenses without any problem. Furthermore, with an ideal height of 160cm, it gives you an easy reach to the camera on top.

4. ZOMEi Z699C Ultra Travel Tripod with Twist Locks (Budget Winner)

ZOMEi Z699C Ultra Travel Tripod with Twist Locks Image

Up until now, we have recommended aluminum-made travel tripods for travel photographers as carbon fiber is more expensive due to being stronger, more durable, and lighter. However, the ZOMEi Z699C tripod has changed everything.

While it’s a lesser-known manufacturer and may feel like a dubious brand name to you, it’s quite hard for a photographer not to be amazed by what this travel tripod has to offer.

On top of the list is its carbon fiber build, making it more durable and stronger than its aluminum counterparts, but you get these benefits at a significantly lower price. It folds down to an amazing 35cm and can be packed away in the bag or easily strapped to it. The maximum operating height remains at an impressive 151cm.

You will find precision markings on the ball head for panoramic shooting and an adjustable side knob ensures a smooth panning motion. What makes the ZOMEi Z699C really impressive is its load-carrying capacity. Indeed, it allows you to load as heavy as 15 kg setup, making it an ideal choice for a hefty DSLR and a wide-angle lens combination.

Like the Travis travel tripod above, you can also use one of the Z699C’s legs as a monopod that may offer extra mobility. Additionally, you can remove the center column and flip it upside down for an inverted tripod setup for macro photography.

Picking the Best Travel Tripod for 2020

As you know, the market is full of travel tripods and we have reviewed some of the best you can find in 2020. We are pretty sure that investing in one of these will give you great satisfaction and confidence.

You can pick any of these lightweight tripods depending on your travel and usage scenarios. As affordability has always been a consideration, we also made sure these affordable tripods remain well within the range of an average photographer’s budget, without compromising on the overall quality.

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