5 Best Smartphones for Seniors

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Like it or not, we’re living in a new, technologically-advanced world. So for seniors who miss the amount of time a rotary phone provided to truly craft your greeting, the rising myriad of phone models, apps, and charging cables could seem like a hassle.

Still, it’s important to stay in touch, which means it’s vital that the senior in your life have a cell or smartphone that works for their lifestyle and provides the right amount of technology to keep them connected without wanting to run over the phone on their riding lawn mowers.

The wonderful news is that there is definitely a smartphone out there to suit your senior. Whether your senior is more adventurous and willing to brave the world of apps or still desperately misses their landline, there is a smartphone that can provide the level of communication, ease, and safety desired. Let’s dig into the best smartphones for seniors and see what we can find.

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1. Easyfone Prime A1

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There are two reasons we focused on the Easyphone Prime A1 as the overall winner when it comes to the best smartphones for seniors: design and functionality.

Whether used to display a flash of personal style or more as a safety feature, the Prime A1 is one of the few smartphones on the list that offers color options. Along with the traditional black, a red version exists which, while certainly stylish, also makes the phone easier to find.

The second standout feature with the Prime A1 is built-in hearing aid compatibility. Featuring “cutting edge” tech (and we have no reason not to believe them) the Prime A1 is among the few phones on the list that mentions boosting sound, an undeniably important feature for seniors.

Presented in a standard flip phone design, a front display announces who is calling, as well as time and date, messages, alarms, and reminders. Further design features for seniors include a standup charging base (eliminating cumbersome and easy-to-forget charging cables) large buttons with large font, a camera, and a flashlight.

Regarding safety, the Prime A1 incorporated an SOS Assistance Button with the ability to load five emergency contacts.

Finally, the Prime A1 can be purchased without a carrier, allowing the user to add a prepaid plan later. Reviews are plentiful and largely positive.

2. Jitterbug Smart2

Jitterbug Smart2 Image

Seniors were certainly the demographic when the manufacturers designed the Jitterbug, using the name as a callback to the classic WWII dance. The touchscreen is a mighty 5.5 inches on which the menu is presented in a simple list format. Other features include voice typing, a 13MP camera to use for photos or video chats, easy how-to tutorials presented both on cards and on video, and a built-in shortcut to call Lyft.

The Jitterbug has additional features designed to keep seniors safe and connected. 5Star Urgent Response makes sure that your senior is within reach of help at any time.

But what about the contract? Manufacturers say there is no contract necessary, however, a data plan is required.

The reviews are relatively decent on this item, but on closer look people are frequently displeased with the customer service. We suggest doing a little reading to make sure this is the phone that fits your needs.

3. artphone Senior Flip Cell Phone

artphone Senior Flip Cell Phone Image

If the senior in your life just wants to avoid the nonsense of a touchscreen and rely on old-school tech, take a look at the artphone Flip Cell Phone. The best phones for seniors provide the most straightforward service in a thoughtful design, and that is where the artphone Flip Phone excels. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it’s a winner if your senior’s eyesight is challenged or they just want their phone to do the bare essentials in a reliable, easy-to-understand way.

The artphone Flip Phone has a 2.4-inch screen in a durable, flip phone design. Special large buttons with extra-large font, are the beginning of the accommodations the manufacturers built into the design. No questioning how to answer or hang up the phone, either. The artphone has easy-to-understand red and green buttons to facilitate answering and ending calls.

Also incorporated into the design is a flashlight triggered by a side button. The artphone does have a camera for those seniors who still want to keep their Facebook updated, but there is no mention of internet access in the description.

When considering safety features, the artphone has an SOS function. Load up five emergency phone numbers and, at the press of a button, the phone will systematically ring through each phone number.

4. Facebook Portal

Facebook Portal Image

If your senior isn’t out and about anymore but still wants to stay in the loop, it might be time to consider skipping right over smartphones for seniors and going straight for the Facebook Portal.

The Facebook Portal is the next generation of communication for the connected senior. Requiring a Facebook account and communicating mainly through Facebook or compatible apps, the Portal does offer some limitations, but it more than makes up for them.

The Portal is designed to follow the speaker and keep everyone in view, but this isn’t even the most impressive feature. Almost specifically designed for the active grandparent, Story Time on Portal creates an engaging environment with animations, effects, and filters to make reading a story an immersive and memorable experience.

For those seniors exploring the world of a smart home, the Portal has built-in compatibility with Alexa, allowing users to play music, watch the news, and more. As a final cherry on top, the Portal can be used to display Facebook and Instagram photos.

5. Ushining Senior Cell Phone (Budget Winner)

Ushining Senior Cell Phone Image

The Ushining Unlocked Senior Cell Phone is designed for the senior who isn’t ready to adopt a purely perfunctory device. Equipped with all the features designed to make an affordable smartphone senior-friendly, the Ushining goes a step further with its large display, extra features, and color options.

The most prominent feature of the Ushining phone is its large, 2.4-inch HD display. The images accompanying the phone show a video call, so we assume that capability is included, but the description fails to mention any details. The Ushining undeniably has a camera, but the quality and functionality of that feature are not discussed.

Available with larger buttons and font, the case comes in three colors including red, white, and blue, so your senior will be the talk of the town at the local buffet. Charging is performed through a standup function, eliminating the need for the elderly to struggle with finding the charging port. A highlight feature of this device is its hearing aid compatibility, ensuring that each phone call is clear and understandable. They even went so far as to include FM radio functions so your senior can rock out to their favorite oldies.

Other devices place their SOS button on the side of the device and gained a fair amount of criticism from reviewers for the poor placement. The Ushining phone placed their bright red SOS button on the back of the device to make it less prone to mishaps.

Senior Smartphones: Safe and Simple

Being elderly does not make one incapable of dealing with more advanced, fast-paced technology. In fact, options are quickly expanding for smartphones for seniors, with smarter, more accommodating features specifically designed to facilitate their needs. Though some seniors are ready to tackle the best smartphone on the market without blinking an eye, for many it will be helpful to choose from phones specifically designed just for them.

Whether you choose to go with a dedicated phone for seniors from this list or a small smartphone that’s easy to use, there is definitely a smartphone or communication device to fit the senior in your life, you just have to look.

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