5 Best Ring Lights for iPhone

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Ring lights are popular for social media and selfies. By shooting up in popularity faster than the selfie stick, the ring light improves the already superior camera of an iPhone. We thought you might benefit from learning about our picks for the best ring lights for your iPhone.

Ring lights are not just for beauty or glamour shots and have often been used for commercials. Having concentrated light while filming is an underappreciated feature in non-professional shoots.

An iPhone camera has a lot of hidden potential that a ring light can tap into. When you need to highlight the best part of an object, any of these ring lights for iPhone should do the trick.

Best Ring Lights for iPhones Overview

Here are our best picks for iPhone right lights:

  • Best Selfie Ring Light: Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light
  • Best for Overall Features: QIAYA Ring Light
  • Best Selfie Ring Light With Tripod: Belifu
  • Most Complete Ring Light Set: UBeesize
  • Most Affordable Ring Light for iPhone: Hongdayi Selfie Ring Light
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1. Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light Image

Auxiwa is a company that is hard to pronounce but easy to love. The company put all of its eggs in a single basket with the Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light.

They are not a jack-of-all-trades company with an extensive catalog of products. Auxiwa lives and breathes their ring light, and sales have proven it was a great gamble.

Buyers that want a ring light that lasts for more than a few months will be happy with this model. This Auxiwa ring light also works for other smartphone cameras as well as on a laptop if the area isn’t too thick.

Once turned on, you should take a quick trip to your camera settings. This is the brightest light on the list, so it works for makeup tutorials, glam shots, and more. It has high compatibility with phone cases, even the thicker ones like the Otter Box.

The Auxiway Clip-on Selfie Ring Light is rechargeable and has three levels of brightness. With thirty-six LEDs, you won’t have to worry about replacing the bulbs due to aggressive usage. Power usage is low, and the included USB cord for charging doesn’t require a particularly strong power source.

2. QIAYA Ring Light for Cameras

QIAYA Ring Light for Camera Image

The QIAYA Ring Light for Cameras is not as generic as it sounds. At first glance, it almost looks like a carbon copy of every other ring light product, but names are deceiving, as QIAYA is the producer of several top-selling smartphone products. Their introductory product for the ring light industry, is refreshing, easy to use and one of the better choices on the list.

First impressions mean everything, and that is where the QIAYA’s ring light shines. It comes in a gorgeous gift box, one that you’ll probably repurpose as its carrying case.

Three dimming options handle the most important levels of brightness, with even the dimmest setting being useful. The button placement is done well, and users will have no problem using this for iPhones or laptops.

The only downside is that it requires two AAA batteries. This adds to the weight, and also the size of the ring light. The QIAYA still has the most configurable settings of any product on the list, and if you don’t consider rechargeable batteries as a priority feature, then this is a great purchase for your iPhone.

3. Belifu Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Belifu Ring Light with Tripod Stand Image

Belifu is the most trusted name on this list. Their catalog is vast, and goes far beyond ring lights. Belifu creates products for several industries, with a strong focus on consumer electronics. The Belifu Ring Light with Tripod Stand is a good example of their experience with multiple industries.

This ring light comes with a lot of accessories out of the box. Light levels are good, and the Bluetooth control is the icing on the cake. This ring light does a good job of staying out of the way when you want to take a shot, while at the same time, it has enough flexibility to be a background accessory or the main component in a glorious photo.

Although it comes with one-hundred twenty LED bulbs, the brightness really isn’t that much different than a regular ring light. The phone holder is solid, and the remote does the job when paired. As for the tripod, it has great weight distribution and folds up to travel well.

4. UBeesize Ring Light with Tripod Stand

UBeesize Ring Light with Tripod Stand Image

UBeesize is known for their lineup of tripod ring lights. It’s a familiar setup made for users that spend a lot of time setting up shots. The tripods from UBeesize are high quality and may be the missing link to your light ring project.

A good ring light/tripod combo isn’t hard to find, and UBeesize manages to stand out by being the best combo due to quality control. The included remote has further range, and the tripod can hold more weight. Even if you have a newer iPhone model, its extra girth isn’t too much for this tripod to handle.

Technically, the UBeesize is the most complete product on the list, but consumers should understand that when they purchase this model, it is like buying an entire beauty set – the light ring portion is considered a small accessory.

Out of the box, you get a large tripod stand that has a built-in detachable selfie stick, useful for both photo and video moments. Bluetooth remote has great range and comes with dedicated iPhone and Android buttons.

The entire package is a full set, and not really considered portable as it requires a USB plug for power. There are three lighting modes, and 11 brightness levels in total. Unlike the other light rings on this list, the hardware does not take advantage of the unique camera placement. It is its own thing, and the price reflects that.

5. Hongdayi Selfie Ring Light (Budget Winner)

Hongdayi Selfie Ring Light Image

The Hongdayi Selfie Ring Light won’t win any originality contests, but it’s worth a buy. As the company with the budget winner on the list, Hongdayi has a knack for flying under the radar. Their low-priced gadgets are well received whether you’re purchasing for iPhone or android.

As a ring light, this Hongdayi model has all the innovations you would expect from top-tier hardware. It is rechargeable with standard mini USB, has three adjustable brightness settings and fits snugly onto a smartphone camera. It works surprisingly well, even if your phone has a thick case.

The Hongdayi Selfie Ring Light is built to work with all smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. It’s lightweight, compact, and functions just as good as the top products in the same category.

You really don’t need to read the instructions to understand how to use this ring light. It is the easiest hardware you will use, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of features.

The thirty-six LED bulbs are bright, and hold up well in all environments. When charging the unit, the short USB cord can be a bit of a pain. Any other micro USB cord will do the work, so it is advised to swap it out.

Ring Lights for the iPhone Are Consistent

When purchasing a ring light, there is very little difference from one product to the next. This is a good thing if you like consistency with features, so don’t look at the sameness as a con.

Ring lights work differently based on the case type and model of your iPhone. Once you find the right fit, it’ll open a brand-new world of photo-taking capabilities.

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