6 Best Remote Shutter Releases

Canon-DSLR-Remote Shutter Releases

There is one piece of your photography kit that may be missing, and that is a shutter release. If you ever wanted to be in the picture yourself, or you are doing professional photography and want to avoid shaking the camera when you take zoomed-in photos, you would use some help from the best remote shutter releases. To help you find one just right for your camera and your budget, we picked several models which are worth mentioning. So, let’s get into it.

1. Canon RC-6 (Overall Winner)

Canon RC-6 Image

The first remote shutter release is from Canon. It has two shutter release modes. Either it releases right away, or there is an option with a two-second delay. To use the remote, you need to be within 15 feet in front of the camera, since there is no sensor in the back of it. This means that this remote controller is more suitable for people who are taking pictures of themselves, rather than photographers.

Still, it is a pretty good deal for the price. You get the basic features of a remote shutter release, without any wires, and it is also compatible with bulb mode. If you want to check whether your camera is compatible with this shutter release, you should check the website and the reviews. An infrared sensor is necessary.

2. AmazonBasics Wireless Remote (Budget Winner)

AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Image

The second remote shutter we have is visually very similar to the Canon one, but it is from AmazonBasics. It is a very popular remote control shutter with versions compatible with Canon or Nikon cameras. It is also a wireless controller and has a ten-foot range so that you can take photos in many different settings, including family photos, or portraits. It can also be used to take zoomed-in pictures as it provides stability and increases clarity.

When you are holding your camera and using the zoom the smallest amount of shaking will ruin the image. The infrared sensor is again obligatory if you want this shutter release to work with your camera, so it is best to buy it only if your camera is compatible. Finally, when we take the price into account, this remote control is a steal since it does the job but for a fraction of the average price.

3. Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release

Progo Wired Remote Shutter Release Image

Next up on our list of remote shutter releases differs from the previous two because it is a wired one. The Progo remote camera control comes with a 3ft/90cm long cord. Depending on your needs, this may or may not be long enough, but there is a solution. If you need a longer cable, you can get a male/female extension cable, and everything will work fine.

Since this is a wired control, there is no need for a camera to have an IR sensor. This control can also activate the autofocus if you press the button halfway, and you can also set the shutter speed.

To shoot, you just need to press the button completely. This controller model is also very affordable, just like the previous AmazonBasics one, but the former is a bit more convenient since it is wireless. However, it comes down to your preference, and what camera model you have. 

4. Photoolex T710N

Photoolex T710N Image

The next remote controller comes from Photoolex and is compatible with Nikon cameras. The Photoolex controller has some exciting features which previous models did not have. For example, it has an illuminated LCD screen, and you can set up a timer before shooting. It can be set from one second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, so the possibilities are endless.

This makes it suitable for professional photography as well, not just taking cute family pictures. You can also adjust interval and exposure time, the number of shots during an interval, etc. You can also take photos manually by pressing the button. It also has the ability to auto-focus by pressing the button halfway. Since this is a wired controller, it comes with two shutter cables, and additionally, you get two AAA batteries, one review card, and warranty in the pack.

The remote is easy to handle since it is compact and weighs just 61.5g. All these features make the price of this remote a bit higher, but still, it is not expensive at all. With all that it offers, the price is completely justified. 

5. Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD

Pixel TW-283/DC2 LCD Image

Our next model is packed with features. It is the Pixel wireless shutter release which is also compatible with Nikon cameras. This control will enable you to capture beautiful photos of nature, sunsets, blooming flowers, and more without having to stand with your camera and wait for the perfect shot. This is possible because you can set the delay timer, interval, and exposure time, how many shots to take, and when to repeat shots.

This remote control is also more powerful than the previous ones. You can be 80m from it, and it will still work thanks to the anti-interference ability it has. It can work on 30 different channels so other devices cannot interfere with it. It also makes use of 4G to ensure constant connection and quick response.

What sets this controller apart from the other remote shutter releases on this list is that it is compatible with different brands of cameras. You just need to change the connecting cable, and you can use it on various models. It is especially recommended for taking pictures of the night sky, so you may want to look into this if that is your interest. 

6. RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release

RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release Image

Finally, we have the SMDV RFN-4s wireless remote shutter which is compatible with Nikon DSLRs with an MC30 type connection. It works on 16 different channels in 2.4GHz frequency, which enables a maximum range of 100m/320ft. You get a transmitter and a receiver set in the pack. The receiver is powered by the camera, while the transmitter runs on AAA batteries (which are not included in the pack).

You can lock the shutter open by pressing the button for at least two seconds which allows a continuous shooting mode. Since the receiver is quite small, you do not need to take it off and on. You can switch between manual and remote shooting easily if you leave it on. To use it, press the button halfway and focus. If it focuses, the blue light on the transmitter will become dim. If not, it will turn red.

This way, you know whether you are taking a focused shot or not. This controller comes with a higher price than the other remote shutter releases on this list, but it seems like the price is justified since most users are extremely satisfied. 

Choosing Remote Shutter Releases 

With the best remote shutter releases, you will be able to do some things you were not before. Including yourself in a photo was always tricky because you were the one taking it. Well, not anymore. Now you can also be a part of the memories you create in photography.

The steps are pretty simple. You need to see what your camera is compatible with, how much you are willing to invest in a shutter release, and then browse through our list to find the best device for you. It will open create many other options for a professional photographer as well, so do not sleep on it. Get one for your kit today! 

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