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The name Polaroid is synonymous with the fun, easy-to-use point-and-shoot instant camera. However, in more recent years, Polaroid has expanded production to offer a new range of cameras.

Polaroid has been making world-leading instant cameras since the late 1940s. The iconic design was both aesthetically pleasing and extremely well-functioning. The company has added a few more interesting lines to its collection in the last few years.

The Polaroid Cube Act II, essentially a GoPro rival camera, is an exciting addition to the lineup, as well as a series of digital cameras with LCD screens. On top of these new additions, Polaroid continues to update its famous instant camera collection.

For those familiar with the retro Polaroid design, iconic models have been remodeled so you can still own a piece of history – but without all the hassle of buying a used camera.

Despite the new-look range of cameras, you can still expect the same Polaroid quality models that are fun, easy to use, and extremely good value for money. Film isn’t going anywhere and Polaroid is proof of that.

Great for candid shots of family, friends, events, and a wide range of portrait-style photography, the ability to hold a snapshot in your hands moments after taking the photograph still remains a captivating process.

To help you choose if a new Polaroid is for you, we’ve put together a list of the best Polaroid cameras that have recently been released. This list includes instant film cameras, plus a whole range of digital cameras that Polaroid has added to their arsenal.

1. Polaroid Mint (Overall Winner)

Polaroid Mint Image

The Polaroid Mint instant digital print camera is an updated user-friendly version of a classic Polaroid point-and-shoot instant camera. This camera has been praised for its flawless operation, perfect interface, and easy-to-navigate user experience.

This modernized version of the classic Polaroid instant camera is not a huge leap – in both appearance and functionality – from a smartphone camera, making it extremely easy to use, even for instant camera novices.

The Polaroid Mint is also lightweight, small and easy to carry, making it the perfect camera to take to events, on vacation, or on your daily adventures. With almost instant printing from the moment you snap your picture, it’s a lot of fun and offers a unique timeless experience.

The built-in settings offer lots of room for experimentation, so you’ll be able to adjust your images accordingly. The external settings are just another added benefit from this modern, simple camera.

2. Polaroid 600 OneStep Close Up

Polaroid 600 OneStep Close Up Image

The Polaroid 600 OneStep Close Up has been praised for its exceptional shooting capabilities, producing mesmerizing images moments after you snap the pic.

The camera features a traditional Polaroid aesthetic, combining the famous body of classic Polaroid instant cameras with new updated systems that offer better-than-ever photographs.

The Polaroid 600 OneStep Close Up also features a series of advanced settings that allow for experimentation, without feeling confusing for the users. The camera also has a long battery life and compared to older models that this camera is inspired by, it’s extremely light and not bulky.

Colors are both sharp and vibrant in printed images, while the autofocus is accurate and fast. You also have the ability to override the autofocus and do it manually.

The Polaroid 600 OneStep Close Up is a great camera for anyone looking to shoot candid portraits or document memories. The images are breathtakingly clear and high in detail. This camera is great value for money and offers endless hours of fun.

3. Polaroid i20x29

Polaroid i20x29 Image

The i20x29 is Polaroid’s best offering for those wanting a digital camera. Branching out from the famous instant film camera, the Polaroid i20x29 is a 20MP fully digital camera that is great value for money, easy to use, and on par with fellow competitors.

The camera also offers a video option, shooting footage in 1080p. It includes a built-in flash for great shooting opportunities in low-light situations and has a 10x zoom function, which is extremely useful for day-to-day use.

The Polaroid i20x29 features a 2.8-inch LCD monitor as well as built-in autofocus. The small compact design makes it the perfect travel companion. If you’re after a Polaroid camera but don’t want the fuss of buying film, the i20x29 is a great option.

4. Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus

Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus Image

The Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus instant camera is a modern take on Polaroid’s most iconic design. This is a great instant point-and-shoot for anyone looking for the vintage retro aesthetic of an old Polaroid camera but doesn’t want the potential headache of buying a used machine.

The outstanding image quality and sonar autofocus offer crystal clear and crisp images every time, just moments after you shoot. This is a vintage camera that has been refurbished, making it both easier and simpler to use.

The automatic flash, which also has an override option, is an added function that makes shooting in low-light situations possible, while the built-in autofocus makes it ideal for snapping candid shots.

The Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus also comes with free lightening and darkening slides to add texture, warmth, and contrast to your images. This is the perfect option for anyone wanting a retro Polaroid with all the latest mod cons.

5. Polaroid OneStep 2

Polaroid OneStep 2 Image

The Polaroid OneStep 2 i‑Type Instant Camera offers razor sharp instant images that will leave every user satisfied. The amazing quality of this camera’s images is the main selling point. Polaroid has included a superb lens which is capable of capturing even the smallest of details.

The optical grade polycarbonate and acrylic lens reduces ghosting, flare, and glare in your images, at the same time retaining all the sharp colors, contrasts, and textures. The added features of a self-timer make the Polaroid OneStep 2 the ideal selfie companion, while the built-in flash and host of accessories you can add mean that this camera is highly adaptable.

If you’re looking for a vintage Polaroid instant camera, but you want modern features and the highest quality images, then the Polaroid OneStep 2 is the perfect camera for you.

6. Polaroid Snap

Polaroid Snap Image

The Polaroid Snap instant digital camera is our top pick for families. This camera produces great pictures almost instantly thanks to the built-in zinc printing technology.

With built-in flash and a compact lightweight design, you can take this camera with you anywhere and everywhere. This user-friendly instant point-and-shoot is simple but effective. The Polaroid Snap has a strong build, making it perfect for younger children, families, and travelers.

7. Polaroid Cube Act II (Budget Winner)

Polaroid Cube Act II Image

The Polaroid Cube Act II is essentially Polaroid’s answer to the GoPro. GoPros have become mainstay action cams that most people are now familiar with. The Polaroid Cube Act II has the same function – it’s small, cube-shaped, and highly portable.

Notable functions are that it shoots video as well as taking pictures with its 6MP camera. The price is also extremely reasonable for such a camera, especially compared to a GoPro. The included accessories give plenty of options for both travel and filming. The body is sturdy and strong, designed to deal with extreme conditions.

If you are considering buying a GoPro, or require a portable, affordable camera that can shoot video as well, then the Polaroid Cube Act II could be the answer.

Choosing Polaroid Cameras

As you can see, Polaroid has diversified its range of cameras, offering new modern designs that compete with other instant cameras of today. The company has also reissued and rebooted older models to retain the same Polaroid shape and look.

Now you have the choice between fully digital cameras and instant film cameras that are more user-friendly than previous models. If you’re in the market for an instant point-and-shoot camera then look no further than the Polaroid collection.

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