7 Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras Under $200

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For those who are just getting started in photography, point-and-shoot cameras under $200 are a good place to go. They give you the ability to take any pictures that you want, anywhere you happen to be, while staying within your budget. Not only that, but you don’t have to know about things like brightness, contrast, or focal length. All you need to know is what you want to take a photo of.

Point-and-shoot cameras under $200 can be a good way to get someone interested in photography or to make sure you always have a way of taking that perfect photo. Your phone can take some good pictures, but a standalone camera has even more capability and takes higher-quality images. Not to mention you can still take photos if your phone is dead (or you’re busy using it for something else).

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1. Canon PowerShot SX530

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Coming in right under $200 is the Canon PowerShot SX530, which gives you plenty of features including 50x Optical zoom, Wi-Fi, and NFC. That means you can easily share your photos when you take them. No more waiting to upload when you get back home. On top of that, you get several high-quality modes including low-light, high-speed burst, fish eye effect, monochrome, snow, and fireworks.

The camera itself offers 16MP sensitivity and full HD quality. You’ll get shake correction as well as automatic selection between the different modes to get you the best possible image. Not to mention there’s one-touch access to make that Wi-Fi transfer even easier. Or you can set up the camera with your Canon Connect Station to wirelessly transfer and store up to 1TB of content.



The KODAK PIXPRO AZ421 is a sleek and stylish camera that offers 42x Optical Zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens. You get 16MP sensitivity as well as face detection technology. That makes it even easier for you to get a great shot of your friends, family, or anyone else that you want to take photos of. You’ll also get fill flash and slow-sync flash, 720p HD videos, and a three-inch LCD screen to see everything.

This camera offers optical image stabilization as well as panorama, auto scene, object tracking, and plenty of post-editing features to make sure you have the coolest photos to share.

There’s even a CCD sensor to make sure you get low noise on each of your photos and a lithium-ion battery that lasts longer and can be recharged so it’s always available. Kodak is a cult favorite thanks to its long history, so if you’re a fan you can check out some of the other Kodak point-and-shoot options.

3. Sony W830

Sony W830 Image

Available in both black and silver, this Sony digital camera gives you plenty of features. After all, there’s a reason that Sony is one of the top brands when it comes to technology. With the DSC-W830, you’re getting a 2.7-inch LCD screen to see each shot as you take it and after. You’re also going to have 20.1MP with an 8x zoom so you can get up close to anything you want to get a shot of.

The optical image stabilization even has a two-way active mode so you can get the shot you’re looking for without worrying about shaking. There’s also HD movie mode, several different picture effects, and panorama shooting. Not to mention you get a shutter speed of 1/30. The Sony DSC-W830 is lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere, so you never have to worry about missing the shot.

4. Canon PowerShot ELPH 360

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 Image

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 comes in several different colors if you want to pay a little more. Or, you can get the silver for a discounted price. It has 12x optical zoom, so you’ll get in close to anything and there’s image stabilization to keep shaky hands from ruining your picture. You’ll even get Wi-Fi and NFC built in that will allow you to share your photos from wherever you happen to be instead of having to wait.

The high-speed connectors make it easy to sync to any device you want and you’ll have 4+ image processing to give higher-quality images, even if your lighting isn’t the best. Add in the hybrid auto to provide four seconds of video for each image and the creative shot for better color and lighting, and you’re going to have plenty of great features and a whole lot more. There are even story highlights so your best pictures can be combined for you into a special highlight reel.



Those who are getting started with photography may not have any of the gear that they need to get started, which is where this kit comes in. You’ll get not only a KODAK PIXPRO AZ401 but also all of the gear you need to take with you in order to use it. That includes a memory card, battery charger, lens cleaner, case, tabletop tripod, USB card reader, and more.

On top of all that, the camera itself is high-quality and gives you the features you need as a beginner and some that you can start to grow into. It has 16.15MP and a CCD sensor to give you better-quality images. On top of that are the nine-point multi-focus modes, the 40x optical zoom, and the three-inch LCD screen. Plus all of the different options to get you the style of photos that you’re looking for.



The KODAK PIXPRO AZ252 comes in a beautiful, deep blue and takes pictures and videos faster than your standard camera. This makes it easier to get those moving shots (or shots of your kids who don’t like to sit still). It has a 25x optical zoom to get you in close but not too close. Plus, there’s a 24mm lens that will get a wider image every time. Add in the 16MP and you’re even better off.

You’ll get image stabilization for smoother pictures no matter what’s happening around you and you’ll have plenty of features to learn more about taking great images.

This is one of the easiest point-and-shoot cameras under $200 to use and a breeze to take around with you wherever you want to go. That way you’re going to have great pictures all the time and you’ll also get a few accessories like a neck strap and lens cover included with your camera to get you started easily. If you don’t want to wear it around your neck, you can check out a hand strap to make it easy to carry.

7. Sony W800 (Budget Winner)

Sony DSC-W800 Image 4

This Sony camera gives you five times zoom, which is great for those who are just getting started with photography or who want to be able to take quick and easy photos of their friends and family. It has an excellent CCD sensor that will make sure your images are high quality, even if you don’t have a lot of training, and there’s SteadyShot to keep images steady even if you have shaking hands.

The 720p HD movie mode creates high-quality moves and the menu features are simple to navigate through. All of this with a small camera that’s easy to take anywhere you go. There’s smile shutter technology, a panorama mode, an in-camera guide, and easy charging through a USB port.

All of this is designed to make sure that no matter where you go or what you’re doing you’ll have a camera available to remember the experience and at a great price, too. We found it to be a simple, fun solution in our Sony W800 review.

Who Makes the Best Point-and-Shoot Cameras Under $200?

When it comes down to choosing the camera that you want to use it’s important to look at all of the features. Kodak, Sony, and Canon are all excellent-quality camera manufacturers that offer features you can use to get started as a photographer. But if you need a little more assistance to help you advance, check out some of the top photography and camera terms that will help you start taking better shots fast.

All you have to do is decide which of the additional features (like zoom and accessories) are worth the investment. If you’re looking for even more features, you may want to go a tier up from point-and-shoot cameras under $200 and look at point-and-shoot cameras under $500, instead.

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