5 Best Nikon Point-and-Shoot Cameras

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There isn’t an extensive range of Nikon point-and-shoot cameras compared to other manufacturers like Canon and Sony. However, it does offer a quality selection of models in the COOLPIX range. The COOLPIX line of point-and-shoot cameras ranges from simple automatic models through to advanced cameras with huge optical zooms.

At the lower end of the range, you have affordable models like the COOLPIX W150, which offer okay photo quality and features. However, at the top end, you have powerful models like the COOLPIX P1000 with its 3000mm optical zoom.

If you want a camera that provides decent photo quality, recording capabilities, and a mix of features for either beginner or advanced usage, Nikon point-and-shoot cameras are a good starting point.

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1. Nikon COOLPIX P1000

Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Image

The Nikon COOLPIX P1000 is a brilliant point-and-shoot camera and has a huge 3000mm optical zoom. This is the most powerful optical lens available for Nikon point-and-shoot cameras and provides excellent depth for wildlife and sports photography.

The build of this camera is similar to a DSLR and it has a comfortable, textured grip on the right-hand side. Also, it has a high-quality EVF, although you can use the LCD screen for compositions. The LCD screen can be fully twisted, flipped, and rotated, but it is a little smaller than most other Nikon screens.

To help create high-quality images, the P1000 has Dual Detect image stabilization and vibration reduction. These technologies combine together to make low-light photography easy and allow you to comfortably use the camera handheld.

For beginners, it has a range of automatic controls, but you can also shoot in full manual mode when you feel comfortable exploring advanced techniques. There is a solid ISO range and you can connect the camera to the SnapBridge App via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. We talk more about the capabilities of the camera in our Nikon COOLPIX P1000 review.

2. Nikon COOLPIX A1000

Nikon COOLPIX A1000 Image

Next, we have the COOLPIX A1000. This has a traditional point-and-shoot build with a sleek and compact design. Its 35x optical zoom also has macro capabilities. The CMOS sensor has an ISO range of 100 to 6400, which is okay for Nikon point-and-shoot cameras.

There is a small EVF with a solid resolution, but there is also a large, three-inch LCD screen that can be tilted. The screen comes with an anti-reflection coating. This means you can easily control the camera and change photo settings.

For beginners, the COOLPIX A1000 features an automatic scene selector that chooses between six different scene modes to provide the best shooting conditions. The 35x optical zoom is easy to use and provides an equivalent zoom range of 840mm.

Aside from decent photo capabilities, the Nikon COOLPIX A1000 can also record 4K UHD movies at 30p, and 1080p at 60p. For extra stability, it has built-in vibration reduction and a solid autofocus system.

3. Nikon COOLPIX B500

Nikon COOLPIX B500 Image

The Nikon COOLPIX B500 is one of the top starter Nikon point-and-shoot cameras and offers decent image quality with a good set of features. It has a 16.0MP 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor and a quality lens with a 40x optical zoom and 80x dynamic zoom. You can also benefit from a solid maximum aperture of f/3.

For usability, the COOLPIX B500 has an LCD screen that can be flipped down, which helps when recording video. It also has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it is capable of recording video at 1080p HD at 30fps.

This point-and-shoot camera has an ergonomic design and looks like a traditional DSLR. It has a large grip on the right-hand side for your fingers, and the control dials and buttons are logically placed for easy access. The only downside to this camera is that it doesn’t have an EVF and you must use the LCD screen for focusing and composing your photos. Get the full details in our Nikon COOLPIX B500 review.

4. Nikon COOLPIX W300

Nikon COOLPIX W300 Image

If you want a simple camera for outdoor adventures on water, the Nikon COOLPIX W300 is one of the best Nikon point-and-shoot cameras available. This small camera has a durable shell that is waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

It will stand up to the most adverse weather conditions and still perform well. For photography, this durable camera has a 16MP CMOS sensor and a 5x optical zoom. It has an okay focusing system and uses a hybrid vibration reduction system to help keep your shots steady.

This fantastic adventure camera also has a range of useful outdoor features including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an eCompass, altimeter, and depth gauge. Aside from being a camera, it can help you in numerous situations when out exploring.

The Nikon COOLPIX W300 is capable of recording video at 4K UHD and full 1080p at 60p. It has various video editing features such as a compilation feature which allows you to automatically stitch together different 30-second clips. For the bold adventurer, the Nikon COOLPIX W300 is a great underwater camera option.

5. Nikon COOLPIX W150 (Budget Winner)

Nikon COOLPIX W150 Image

One of the best Nikon point-and-shoot cameras for beginners is the Nikon COOLPIX W150. It is also our top budget option. This is a simple camera that offers decent image quality, but most of all it offers user-friendly controls and a host of automation.

This includes 18 different automatic shooting modes you can choose from. These shooting modes choose the camera settings automatically so you can get the best quality photos, even if you’re not into advanced camera techniques.

This durable camera is well-built and is waterproof up to 33ft underwater. For connectivity, it has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and you can connect the camera to the SnapBridge app. The rear controls are relatively simple. It has a large LCD screen so you can easily compose your photos. Last but not least, this portable and simple camera can record video in 1080p HD at an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Nikon Point-and-Shoot Cameras Are Simple, but Packed with Features

As you can see, there is a Nikon point-and-shoot camera to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you want a camera for outdoor adventures or a high-quality zoom lens for wildlife photography, one of the above models will provide the perfect option.

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