5 Best Nikon Camera Bags

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When it comes to carting around your precious Nikon equipment, there are quite a few options available. The ideal solution will largely depend on how much protection is needed and whether you’re out for a day trip or a mission in a far-off land. Today we will be looking more closely at Nikon camera bags to suit short excursions, where bullet-proof protection is far too big and bulky to be viable.

Camera bags in this arena are designed to carry a good-sized DLSR camera body and a few lenses, with accessories, quite happily. The aim is to have a carry light solution where your gear is easily accessible and obviously looks quite stylish at the same time. But for the more utilitarian types out there, we’ve also included a few examples which put function above street cred.

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1. Billingham Hadley Pro 2020

Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Image

The Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 is simply the latest version of their ‘Pro’ bag, ticking all the boxes for style, construction, and usability. The outer shell is made from high-quality, waterproof canvas material, with thick, leather straps and substantial brass buckles. The front of the bag has two large storage pockets, with the rear having a weatherproof, zipped area and a quick-access storage pocket.

The inside storage compartment is removable and includes Velcro dividers. The main storage compartment is large enough for a Nikon camera body and two reasonably-sized prime lenses.

The design itself is a nice cross between functionality and style, with an obvious level of quality that will last for years. It’s easy to see why this one tops our list of Nikon camera bags.

2. Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Image

If you didn’t know this was a dedicated camera bag, you’d think the Peak Design Everyday Messenger was a fashionable accessory for the daily commute. The bag itself comes in 13- and 15-inch varieties, with enough room for a mirrorless camera body, a bunch of lenses, and a small-sized laptop or tablet.

Instead of dedicated front pockets, there is an expandable front section for accessories. There are pockets fitted to each side of the bag and a zipped pocket under the main lid. The outer shell is made from weatherproof, waxed 500D Kodra synthetic canvas, with MagLatch attachments and a quick-release magnetic clasp. The strap is also reasonably comfortable and the top-carry handle feels extremely sturdy.

The FlexFold dividers seem initially convoluted, but the system is a clever way to keep your kit very snug inside the bag. The Peak Design is therefore a great example of a high-quality camera bag that will give you years of service for general daily use. Our Peak Design Everyday Messenger review digs further into the design and features of this bag.

3. ONA The Prince Street

ONA The Prince Street Image

I have to admit that when it comes to carry solutions for my camera gear, I fall squarely into the utilitarian camp. However, it’s hard to not be impressed by the sumptuous Italian leather of the ONA The Prince Street bag. The design is a nice cross between vintage and modern sensibilities, with the leatherwork providing far more protection than you would initially expect from a stylish camera bag like this.

The bag features two substantial front pockets, with room inside for a small DSLR or mirrorless camera body and roughly two lenses. There is also a section for a tablet, with nice Velcro inserts. The bag doesn’t feature the multitude of zip pockets found on other models.

Essentially, if you like the feel of high-quality leather and you’re into the retro design, this bag is expensive, but it definitely looks the part. We also recommend a tweed sports jacket and slacks to finish off the look.

4. Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0

Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0 Image

If you need a quick-access, sling bag-type solution, the Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0 is a well put together and reasonably-priced solution. The one strap design means the bag can be worn at the front or back of the body for quick access, with the strap being wide enough to be comfortably worn all day.

The internal compartment is accessible through long, weatherproofed zippers, with enough room for a healthy-sized DSLR and a few lenses, divided with thin Velcro sections. There’s also a handy, zipped front compartment that can store a bunch of small accessories such as memory cards, pens, and notebooks. There’s also just about enough room for a small tablet.

This pack can be worn around the waist, but it feels more like an across-the-shoulder solution. It’s a good pick for a quick day out with minimal amounts of gear to carry.

5. Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case (Budget winner)

Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case Image

As this list is a rundown of Nikon camera bags, specifically, it seemed pertinent to check out what Nikon themselves had to offer. Surprisingly, they offer a very affordable camera bag with lots of room and plenty of pockets for accessories.

Although the internal area doesn’t have many configurable sections, there are at least a few Velcro dividers for sectioning off your equipment. The front of the bag has a substantial front pocket, with a large area in the top lid for a good bunch of accessories. There are also expandable, easy-access side pockets for any other small items you wish to carry around.

We found that the reasonably-padded internal area had enough size for a DSLR with lens attached, plus a medium-sized prime and flashgun. Considering this is a camera bag under $100, it’s reasonably well-made and a good candidate for a full day’s shooting expedition.

Winding up the Best Nikon Camera Bags

When it comes to choosing Nikon camera bags, whether it’s for a day out or for carrying around small amounts of gear, there are so many options on the market that it’s really down to how much you want to spend. As shown by the Nikon bag, you don’t have to spend vast amounts of money to own a simple camera bag solution.

Then again, if you want something a bit more stylish that still offers lots of protection, something like the Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 has all the quality and panache you could ever need.

If, however, you want a camera bag that even your grandkids can inherit, the ONA The Prince Street bag will last you more than a lifetime as long as you give it a good rubdown with some leather conditioner once in a while.

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