5 Best Minolta Cameras

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Minolta is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of cameras founded back in 1928. What made this brand popular is the fact they made the first integrated autofocus 35mm SLR camera system.

About a decade ago Minolta announced they would no longer produce cameras as they wanted to leave the business of selling film and digital cameras. But their devices are still incredibly popular today, and beginners and experienced photographers alike use Minolta cameras. So, what are the best Minolta cameras available today? Read on to find out.

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1. Minolta X-700

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The Minolta X-700 is one of the best film cameras that both amateur and experienced photographers across the world simply adored. What makes this camera special is the fact it has one of the best and brightest viewfinders in the business. That’s why shooting with Minolta X-700 is a great experience for every person who values photography and everything it takes to capture that perfect photo.

The X-700 features fully automatic and manual modes. Thanks to the inclusion of both modes, the Minolta X-700 is easy to use and navigate for both professional photographers and amateurs alike.

As one of the most popular devices made by Minolta, it doesn’t require manual setting of aperture or shutter and it can be programmed for automatic exposure even in the trickiest lighting conditions. The sturdy construction is yet another reason why this camera has a lot of fans out there. 

2. Minolta MN35Z

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If you’re looking for a great yet cheap bridge camera, then the Minolta MN35Z is a great choice. This camera combines both quality and affordability, which is exactly what you need if you want to take great shots without spending a fortune on such a device.

With the Minolta MN35Z, photographers can capture 20MP still photos with stunning high-resolution suitable for enlarging and cropping whenever necessary. Besides photos, it’s also super easy to record videos in 1080p HD quality that offers outstanding vividness and clarity.

Thanks to the integrated WiFi users have the opportunity to use their smartphone as a remote shutter and easily share or transfer photo and video files. Besides WiFi, this camera features Bluetooth connectivity as well. The 35X optical zoom enables you to get 35 times closer to the subject and take an amazing shot.

The full zoom allows for flawless photography and gives photographs that are easily edited without jeopardizing the quality of the image. It’s also important to mention that there are 26 built-in scene modes to get the maximum out of each photo you capture. Plus, Minolta MN35Z comes with a large 3” LCD screen to preview your work.

3. Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D

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If you’ve ever wanted to buy a DSLR camera, then you’ve probably noticed how expensive these devices can be. Sure, a hefty price tag comes with a quality camera, but not everyone’s budget allows for a purchase of such a device. Good thing is that there are affordable DSLR cameras around and Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D is one of them.

Don’t let the name Konica Minolta confuse you, it’s a Minolta camera but produced during their merger with Konica. What makes Maxxum 5D a great option to consider if you’re looking for affordable DSLR cameras, besides the price, is the body-integral CCD-shift Anti-Shake Technology that decreases blur caused by camera shake.

The Maxxum 5D inherited the revolutionary technology from its older brother 7D and supports all Maxxum autofocus lenses. This gives users plenty of options to choose from when it comes to accessories that would enhance the quality of their images.

Speaking of image quality, Maxxum 5D comes with a 6.1MP sensor which yields vivid and clear photos.  In fact, you can print the image on canvas up to 14 x 19 inches in size and get a proper little work of art. Other advantages of Maxxum 5D camera include great sharpness, color reproduction, gradation reproduction, and noise reduction all of which are optimized with the brand’s original image processing technology.

4. Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D

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It would be impossible to compose a list of the best Minolta cameras without the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D: a practical and lightweight camera you can easily pack and carry around. Ideal for travels and people who just want a simple and user-friendly camera, Maxxum 7D has a sturdy construction and sophisticated design.

The camera is also perfect for users who want superior creative control. Packed with a large 2.5-inch LCD monitor and 6.1MP CCD, this camera gives users the beautiful results they have always wanted. Additionally, images can be captured in different formats such as JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG and they are stored on CompactFlash memory card

5. Minolta MN22Z-R (Budget Winner)

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The Minolta MN22Z-R is a beautifully designed compact camera that comes with a 20MP resolution that allows users to capture high-resolution images that can be enlarged or cropped without having to compromise their quality. Not only is it affordable but the MN22Z-R camera also records full 1080p HD videos that are rich in detail with vibrant colors.

Transferring files is made easier thanks to the built-in WiFi connectivity. What makes this camera so amazing is the fact it features a 22x Optical Zoom lens with image stabilization for shooting long distances and intimate close-ups. Additionally, Minolta MN22Z-R also has some advanced features such as multi-frame shooting, face detection, panorama shooting, HDR, among others. 

Bottom Line on Minolta Cameras

Although Minolta doesn’t produce cameras anymore it’s still possible to find, buy, and use their devices. Throughout this article, you’ve had the opportunity to see some of the best Minolta cameras that were considered the optimal photography equipment when they were released. Maybe you’ve used some of them or perhaps you plan to check them out, but one thing is certain, Minolta was dedicated to quality and amazing user experience all of which is clearly observed in their cameras. 

7 Replies to “5 Best Minolta Cameras”

  1. Please, lumoid, for the sake of people that just want to get started in photography and the legacy of a legendary camera brand such as Minolta; delete this article.
    With all respect; it is obvious that the person that wrote this article don´t know a thing about Minolta. The digital models that appears in this article (just branded as Minolta and not Konica Minolta) are not made by the same Japanese brand, but by a Chinese company that purchased the name and started selling low quality, cheap digital cameras, all with terrible reviews in amazon and specialized photography sites, and the film model included in this list is just popular and not better than other Minolta models like the Hi-matic range finders or the CL built in partnership with Leica, the all mechanical srt- 101 or the alpha 9, regarded by many professional photographer as one (if not the best) film camera ever made.

  2. I have 5 MInolta 7-D camera’s and love shooting with them, However I need a few repairs done on a couple of them and don’t know where to turn. Does anyone know where to send them for quality repair work.

  3. Over the years I’ve had several Minolta cameras, none of which has ever given me cause for complaint. Regardless of where they are produced, for me, the name is sufficient guarantee of quality and performance. The die-hard purists lamented Rollei’s decision to move production of their tiny Rollei 35 to Singapore but quality did not go down as predicted.
    I still posses a Minolta 7000, a Dynax 7 and a Konika Minolta 5D, all of which I use together with a Sony Alpha dslr (using Sony and Minolta lenses). Sadly I never owned a Minolta SRT101. I regret parting with a Minolta XD, for me the best all manual/mechanical camera ever.
    For those wanting to try 35mm photography I would recommend the Minolta X700, for those looking to return to 35mm film the Minolta 7000. Because so many were produced they are as cheap as chips today.

  4. As I read the article and came across numbers 2 and 5, I know that these are Chinese junk. Albert is right about purchasing the name and producing cheap knockoffs.

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