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A camera lens requires the utmost care. Lenses are very delicate and made from thin compilations of glass. Anything can cause them to shatter, or, at the very least, scratch. They are also remarkably expensive and cannot be replaced easily for this reason. 

The best way to clean a lens is by using a specially made lens pen. These are economical and will guarantee a scratch-proof cleaning experience. They will leave your glass lens untainted and renewable with minimal effort. 

Lens pens are typically light in weight, small and have a concave-shaped tip with which the lens is cleaned. This concave-shaped tip matches the curve of the lens and allows for a better cleaning experience. As camera lenses cannot be cleaned with regular cloth or tissue, a specially designed product is required. For this purpose, a lens pen is the best way to go!

It is essential that your pen is of good quality, or else it may damage your lens. To aid you in selecting the perfect lens pen, we have compiled a list of the best available on the market!

1. MicroPRO & FilterKlear Cleaning Pens with Cloth Pouch

MicroPRO & FilterKlear Cleaning Pens with Cloth Pouch image

This set of three lens pens is undeniably one of the best available. It is safe to use on all lenses and will not scratch or damage the lens’ glass. This pen contains a unique carbon formula that is brilliant at absorbing and removing oily traces on the lens screen. 

Also, the pen will never bleed this carbon because the formula is not in liquid form! Hence, there is no reason to worry about unwanted leaks or spills. The pen is designed in a way to prevent it from causing any damage to your lens or equipment. 

The MicroPRO pen provides up to 500 cleanings per pen. It can be used for camera lenses as well as the viewfinder and other products, like sunglasses. The set includes three pens of different sizes. Each pen is suited to a different product that complements its size. Also, to sum it all up, this product comes with a complimentary microfiber cloth and pouch to store your pens!

2. Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System (Budget Winner)

Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System in Black Image

This is an original Nikon product. It is essentially just a single lens pen with a traditional design. What makes it unique is its excellent durability. This product does not damage easily and can be used hundreds of times for cleaning. 

The brush is very soft and will never leave marks on your lens. It has the ability to retract into the pen body. This way, the brush always remains clean. Fingerprints, dust, and larger dirt particles will quickly be wiped off by the Nikon 7072 Lens Pen. This product works with all lenses, whether it’s a camera lens or that of a telescope! The Nikon 7072 is a product worth owning!

3. LensPen NLP-1 

LensPen NLP-1 Image

The Lenspen NLP-1 by LENSPEN contains an active cleaning compound made of carbon. This formula is non-toxic. Also, it will not spill or cause damage to the lens.

The product has unique twist-cap technology, making it easy and convenient to use. Its brush is also effortless to use. Just swipe it across your lens and watch as it cleans the glass. No traces of dirt or grime will be left behind by this brilliant product!

This device is eight inches long and is easily portable. It weighs a mere 1.6 ounces, making it a lightweight addition to your camera bag, where it will easily fit in with all your other equipment.  The concave shape allows you to clean out the whole lens without damaging any part of it!

4. Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit

Lenspen Elitepro Cleaning Kit Image

The Elitepro lens pen kit comes with three pens of different sizes. Each pen is designed specially to clean lenses of varying sizes. Together, they weight 2.4 ounces and are very lightweight. Hence, they are considered travel-friendly and will easily fit inside your camera bag. Use them to clean your DSLR camera lens or any other similar product!

This product, too, contains an active carbon compound to clean out any problematic stains. The carbon formula does particularly well with grease and fingerprints, all of which can be removed with this brilliant lens pen tool!

5. Lenspen Mini Pro II

Lenspen Mini Pro II Image

This product’s dual-tip design is fantastic for many reasons! It has a brush side and a concave side. The brush side will clear out most traces of dirt. However, a more tedious design is needed to clean out other forms of dirt. Fingerprints, for example, are particularly tough to remove. The concave side does a great job of removing fingerprints and other tough stains.

The Lenspen Mini Pro II is more lightweight than most lens pens. This Mini Pro version of the traditional Lenspen weighs 0.32 ounces and is by far one of the most easily portable lens pens on the market. For travelers, it doesn’t get better than this!

6. Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System

Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System for DSLR Cameras and Lenses Image

This device comes with six complimentary microfiber cleaning cloths that remove most of the dirt on lenses. However, microfiber cloths are never enough, which is why having a good lens pen such as this one is useful! Use this concave-shaped lens pen to clean out more tedious stains. The tool will not damage your lens nor leave behind any grime or stains. 

This lens pen has two sides, as well. On one end is the brush tool that cleans the lens using the specialized sweeping technique. On the other end exists the concave tip, which contains a special cleaning compound that is particularly great at removing dainty stains and smudges from the camera lens.

7. Professional Camera Cleaning Pen Kit

Professional Camera Cleaning Pen Kit Image

This product is by CAMKIX and is particularly well-suited to lenses by Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony. However, it is safe to use on all lenses and does a great job of cleaning out the glass lens. While the set contains accessories such as special alcohol-free cleaning fluid and a microfiber cloth, the essence of the kit resides within the lens pen.

No lens cleaning kit is complete without a lens pen for one simple reason: it can remove what others cannot. This brilliant pen is dual-tipped. The brush end is designed to remove dust from surfaces, whereas the other end is concave in shape and has a special compound that helps remove oily marks from the lens. 

The concave end contains a non-liquid cleaning element that is spill-proof. Also, it will never dry out and can be used time and time again without worry. Both ends of the pen are soft and suited to delicate surfaces. They will not scratch your lens or cause any damage if used appropriately.

Bottom Line on Lens Pens

Using a proper lens pen for cleaning is essential. Lenses are costly and get dirty very quickly. Fingerprints often smudge the lens and make it hard to see through. Microfiber cloth does not do the full job of cleaning, and an extra tool is required. Cue the lens pen!

We hope this list will help you find and select a lens pen that works best for you! They are all brilliant products but choosing one suitable for your needs is crucial.

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