5 Best Lens Cap Holders

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I quite honestly didn’t even know that lens cap holders were a thing until very recently. I used to follow the usual course of action as used by most photographers when storing lens caps and that’s improvisation.

Like most, lens cap storage usually involved any spare pocket that was available, stuffing it somewhere in my camera pack or until recently, using a small net bag attached to my camera strap.

None of the above solutions are ideal and are probably the main reason why most lens caps become lost or broken. This is where the highly useful lens cap holder comes into play. These come in different shapes and sizes, not just for different types of lens caps, but also as different designs depending on which method is the most ideal for your needs.

Some people prefer the simple clip-on types, while others prefer a lens cap that’s tethered to some part of the camera. The examples we have provided below cover the most commonly used types, with some having their own specific way of solving this simple, but common, problem.

1. Sensei Clip-On Cap Keeper (Overall Winner)

Sensei Clip-On Cap Keeper Image

Sensei provides a few solutions in the lens cap holder category, with another example down below. In this instance, it’s the Sensei Clip-On Cap Keeper which is essentially a simple clip for attaching anything from a medium telephoto to a prime lens cap to a lens strap.

The clip simply attaches to a lens strap, then uses a spring clamp to hold any size lens cap in place. The plus points to this solution are that it feels unobtrusive, can attach any size lens cap, and is very secure in use. However, it does need two hands to use, which was not a problem for me, but maybe a deciding factor for some.

The spring clamp feels robust enough to last for a very long time and as a wedding photographer who needs to grab things at a moment’s notice, this solution is very convenient when in the heat of a photoshoot.

2. CamDesign Universal Black Lens Cap Anti-losing Holder Clip Buckle

CamDesign Universal Black Lens Cap Anti-losing Holder Clip Buckle Image

The CamDesign Universal Black Lens Cap Anti-losing Holder Clip Buckle is another way of looking at the clamp-type design. Instead of using a spring-loaded attachment, the lens cap is held in place with a plastic arm. This provides just enough pressure to hold a lens cap securely and attach conveniently onto a camera strap.

This is a straightforward solution that does what it says on the tin. It is remarkably secure considering it is just using its own pressure to keep a lens cap in place.

While it works very effectively when new, I’m not sure how it would fare over a long period of time, being continually bent and moved. Otherwise, this is a very simple and elegant solution, which if cared for properly could last a long time.

3. VONOTO 2 Pack Camera Lens Cap Holder

VONOTO 2 Pack Camera Lens Cap Holder Image

We have seen the VONOTO 2 Pack Camera Lens Cap Holder design come from various brands, but this version offers extra value as it comes as a two-pack. This particular version works for 52mm, 58mm, and 67mm lens caps and is made from a rubberized material that snaps around each lens cap.

The unit itself fits directly onto a camera strap, from which it’s an easy matter of just pressing a lens cap in place. On the whole, the cap holder provides a secure fit with the only real downside being that it needs quite a wide camera strap to make sure it stays in place and can only fit certain sized caps.

4. Sensei Cap Keeper Plus Lens Cap Holder

Sensei Cap Keeper Plus Lens Cap Holder Image

The Sensei Cap Keeper Plus Lens Cap Holder has gone for a string attachment method to make sure your lens cap doesn’t go running off into the wilderness. Like many solutions in life, the simplest are usually the best, which in this case means an elastic leash attaches a lens cap directly to the lens barrel.

The adhesive-backed disc simply sticks to your chosen lens cap and the other end wraps around your chosen lens barrel. It’s a very simple solution, with the negative point being that the lens cap has no fixed place of storage. This means that it can dangle around, which is not a problem in most cases but can start to get irritating if you shoot lots of vertical angles.

The only reason why this isn’t our budget winner is simply that the Altura below comes in a five-pack to fit a bunch of lenses.

5. 5 Pcs Altura Photo Lens Cap Keeper Holder (Budget Winner)

5 Pcs Altura Photo Lens Cap Keeper Holder

Why have one of something when you can have five. The Altura Photo Lens Cap Keeper Holder comes in a five-piece pack and works along with same principles as the Sensei CK-LP Cap Keeper above. The Altura sticks securely to your chosen lens cap with an elastic band attachment wrapping around the lens barrel.

The cord feels very strong and provides a solid attachment between lens barrel and cap. As with the Sensei CK-LP, it’s down to personal preference if you don’t mind the lens cap hanging down under your camera. If you’re fine with this aspect, the Altura is the most cost-effective and efficient solution on this list. It’s also an elegant solution which will provide years of use.

Picking the Best Lens Cap Holders

One of the main plus points of lens cap holders is that they are inexpensive accessories. They also solve a very common problem without needing any fancy bells and whistles which adds to the overall price.

I personally prefer the clip-on lens cap holders, especially the ones that are spring-loaded as they feel the most secure. They can also, at a pinch, clamp in place all those other little items you use on a photoshoot like flash diffusers or even bolting back together a bride’s dress which has happened to me on one occasion.

As all these solutions are extremely cheap and cost-effective, it’s possible to try out a few and see which you prefer. Whichever you choose, you will have the peace of mind that a lens cap will never again do a disappearing act, just when you need it the most.

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  1. I wish the lens manufacturers would take care of this problem themselves. They could put a small hook at the base of the lens, near the mount, and then have another hook in the lens cap, connected by an elastic cord.
    This would eliminate the problem of the wrap-around solutions that can get in the way when manually zooming, focusing, or changing aperture. Also, it would allow the lens to still lie flat when resting on a surface with the cap down.

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