9 Best Tech Gifts Under $50

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So you need to buy someone a present, and you’d like it to be under $50, but you’d also like it to be “tech”. You might be concerned that means you have to sacrifice size, quality, or panache. You’d be wrong. In the technological world of increasingly smaller profiles, larger outputs, greater compatibility, and increased speeds, $50 means you are royalty and absolutely able to secure a gift guaranteed to stun and delight.

We looked all over to find the very best tech gifts under $50 that plugs, plays, charges, runs, edits, shoots, or is otherwise viewed as essential for a tech-head, specifically, so you don’t have to.

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1. AKASO EK7000 Action Camera

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Keeping the budget low doesn’t mean that you have sacrifice “wow factor” or substance. The AKASO EK7000 is a 4K, wifi-enabled, waterproof 12MP camera that delivers a lot of bang for the buck. Full disclosure, among the three colors, only the black version falls below our $50 mark.

This little camera, with its 2″ x 1.5″ body, is crammed with thoughtful goodies for the adventurer/vlogger. Most notable is the wrist control which allows for tweaking the shot from a distance. Its 170-degree wide-angle lens makes sure no action will be missed. The EK7000 offers different shooting modes including loop recording, burst photo, and time-lapse. And finally, the EK7000 is Wifi-enabled, meaning effortless transfer, and editing of files.

If the action cam route seems like the way to go and you have a bit more money to play with, check out our other picks of top action cameras.

2. Qshell Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie Hat Image

If the idea of having to charge your clothing doesn’t bother you, then this is definitely one of the top tech gifts under $50. Take your first step into “smart” clothing with the Qshell Bluetooth Beanie. Sure, you could just wear your headphones under your beanie, but that’s so lo-fi.

This stylish slouchy beanie, which comes in more colors than I am going to count, is outfitted with a Bluetooth speaker in each ear with touch controls on the outer left ear. And, yes, there is even a mic, which means, and I love that I get to say this, you can now take calls from your hat! Who wouldn’t want that!? This stereo beanie is even washable as long as you take out the included headphones.

3. USB C Hub AUKEY 8-in-1 Type C Adapter with Ethernet Port

AUKEY 8-in-1 Type-C Adapter Image

Tech of any price comes with cables, and most often those cables have different ports. That’s why the AUKEY 8-in-1 Type C Adapter is the perfect gift for any tech-lover. It’s thoughtful, universal, and useful to everyone making it a smart choice of tech gifts under $50.

This slim adapter is prepared to plug in six different devices using varied ports. Going a step further, there are two SD slots, one normal, and one mini. Pass-through charging is an option but dependent upon the device, so look carefully. It even has its own carrying pouch. No need to worry about lag, the AUKEY is enabled with SuperSpeed Data Transfer and even able to stream 4K videos.

4. VeSync Smart Plug by Etekcity

VeSync Smart Plug Image

If you’re tired of stressing about technical compatibility, I have the perfect solution: go for the source. Rather than fret about whether someone is a Canon or Nikon, or Mac or PC, skip the worry and go straight for the outlet.

These easy-to-install plugs work with both Alexa and Google Assistant enabling a voice-control system. Using the plugs and accompanying app, the user is able to control any connected devices. Truthfully, “control” means turn them on and off, either with the app, via voice control, or through the timers and schedules.

For the eco-conscious, the available energy monitoring allows the user to track power consumption to curate their energy usage in a new, slightly OCD, way.

These smart plugs are an economical way to explore the smart home of the future, definitely making it one of the best tech gifts under $50.

5. FODI – The Flat Origami Stand

FODI Image

An exciting and unexpected choice for tech gifts under $50 is FODI. An extremely lo-fi response to a high-tech problem. FODI is a thin, multi-purpose stand designed to accommodate smartphones, tablets, laptops, books, and more.

Combatting the continuing neck and back strain from constant electronic device usage, the FODI uses origami to hold the devices at a more spine-friendly angle.

You might be asking how something so minuscule can hold your devices? FODI uses patented fiber paper and a patent-pending origami structure that is both water and stain-resistant and able to hold up to 44 lbs.

Included are two magnetic buckles to wrangle cords. And finally, the low-waste packaging is a bonus for the environmental warriors.

6. Gaze PAD Qi Wireless Fast Charging Mouse Pad Mat

Gaze PAD Image

Wireless charging is the ultimate state of being for a tech-head, which makes this dual mousepad and charging pad a great gift under $50. It combines the universality of something everyone needs and uses with the added bonus of not only keeping their smartphones close by while working but charging that smartphone as well.

The sleek, leather mousepad is larger than conventional alternatives, delivering a work surface of slightly larger than 14″ x 8″ so the mouse has plenty of space to move with or without a charging device. Moving the goalposts even farther, the Gaze mouse pad is also equipped with two USB-C ports for easy, available charging.

The Gaze charging/mouse pad is available in varying colors, but not from the same link, so pay attention.

7. Adonit Snap 2 Bluetooth Selfie Touch Pen

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Anyone who has ever tried to edit on a phone understands how a stylus offers detailed maneuvers that fingers just can’t duplicate. A clean, small point is often a very useful function. But what if you have no easy way to have a stylus ready and available? Luckily, the manufacturers from Adonit thought of that hiccup and designed their Snap 2 Bluetooth Selfie Touch Pen to magnetically attach to an iPhone. However, as I’m sure you can tell from its complete name, that is merely a bonus feature.

Acting as a remote shutter release for the iPhone, and able to deliver triple burst shooting, the rechargeable Snap 2 makes selfie-taking even easier. And the Snap 2 enables easier editing of those selfies when it comes to those fine details.

8. TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker Image

Within an extremely small profile, the TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker is designed to dish out monumental audio. The Mini Boom earns its moniker by coming in under two inches both wide and tall. But despite its diminutive dimensions, it is equipped with Bluetooth and a microphone, meaning you can listen to music and take calls all from the pocket-sized speaker.

It’s diminutive, powerful, and wallet-friendly, making the TYLT Mini Boom a strong contender among the best tech gifts under $50. You can also check out more affordable options in our Best Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide.

9. ONXE USB LED Clock Fan (Budget Winner)

ONXE USB LED Clock Fan Image

The ONXE USB Clock Fan is a simple device that solves a small problem, but it does it well and with flair. For those who like a breeze while they are computing, this USB-powered fan has a flexible neck to assure the user gets the full impact. But the real gift lies in the clockface that shows up in the fan’s moving blades.

It’s an elementary device, true, but it performs its two functions well. The elegant plug-n-play clock/fan alleviates worrying about tech compatibility, or even batteries, making this an awesome gift choice under $50.

When All Else Fails: Cord Management

The wonderful thing about tech gifts is, with a little imagination, it is absolutely possible to find something unique, interesting, and economical. Is there a specific problem your recipient is always complaining about? There’s a tech gift for that. Do they have a special hobby they adore? There will be a tech gift for that. Even something as simple as displaying photos is a constantly evolving technology!

So when considering tech gifts under $50, imagine what would make their lives better, more efficient, or spark joy. The possibilities are endless. And if that doesn’t work, remember: tech means cords. If nothing else, consider cord management as one of the best tech gifts under $50. (We’re throwing that one in for those who read this far. 😉)

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