8 Best New Tech Gifts in 2020

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In terms of tech there have been some exciting new product releases in 2020, along with new developments and new ideas. If you want to get someone the latest and greatest tech, it can be a challenge to wade into the overwhelming ocean of possibilities, consider all the factors, read the reviews, and walk away solid with the knowledge that your gift will be a hit.

Luckily, this is what we do for a living. We dug around to find the newest releases of products, the latest generation of known brands, and the newest and most inventive technology to flesh out your gift-giving notions. You’re guaranteed to find something to tickle any techie. Let’s take a look to see what new tech gifts can be found.

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1. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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2020 will forever be the year of germs, thanks to the pandemic. Thankfully, tech is always eager to respond to the latest needs of its users. The LARQ self-cleaning water bottle is one of the most responsive, appropriate, and thoughtful new tech gifts, not to mention it’s absolutely universal. Everyone can use this.

Focusing on the cleaning feature, the LARQ uses non-toxic, mercury-free UV-C LED technology to purify the water and the inside of the bottle itself therefore eliminating bacteria and viruses. Do I know what all of that means? No. But it sounds really clean. Apparently, the cleaning cycle takes just 60 seconds and is activated at the push of a button. Not only that but the bottle self-cleans every two hours.

There is no sacrifice in style, either. Offered in four, exciting color-blocked bottles, there will be no difficulty in finding something to suit.

For a final selling point, there is the miraculous charge, which manufacturers claim will clean the bottle for up to a month on one charge.

2. Nikon D6

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Newly released in May 2020, the Nikon D6 is the latest model to appeal to both amateurs and professionals with a full-frame sensor, quick autofocus, and detailed image quality.

Offering both a horizontal and vertical grip, and encased in a rugged 2.8lbs even before a lens, the Nikon D6 tried to cater to every photographer. The 3.2-inch touchscreen gives enough room to comfortably see and zoom in on any photo.

The Nikon D6 is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as a USB-C port. It boasts lightning-fast shooting speeds of 14 fps and an ISO range from 100 to 102,400 with room for more. Nikon scaled back from 153 to 105 autofocus points, but the D6 does identify faces and eyes. See what else it offers in our Nikon D6 review.

3. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the next generation of doorbell cameras. Delivering crystal-clear video and audio, the Ring Doorbell Pro allows the user to see and speak to visitors outside their doors.

Able to be customized into privacy zones, enabled with motion detection, and connected to pre-existing doorbell wiring, the Ring Doorbell Pro means your home is always secure. See the video and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet, or PC.

If the aesthetic is the prime concern when considering new tech gifts, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is designed to accommodate one of four interchangeable faceplates to perfectly complement your home.

4. Sony a6400 Camera Bundle

Sony a6400 Camera Bundle Image

Mirrorless cameras are the latest tech when it comes to photography, which means the Sony a6400 Mirrorless Digital Camera, with accompanying 16-50mm lens and essential kit, is a strong contender.

The Sony a6400 is a 24.2MP camera enabled with real-time autofocus, tracking, and a tilting touchscreen. On top of that, the a6400 is equipped with video and Wi-Fi, shoots 11 fps, and has a soaring ISO of 102,400.

But this isn’t just the a6400! The bundle comes with everything needed to start shooting immediately, including a 16-50mm lens, rechargeable battery and charger, dust blower, lens wipes, memory card holder, and more!

5. Sonos Five

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Newly released in May 2020, the Sonos Five is a compact, powerful, quality, and adaptable Bluetooth speaker. Images don’t do justice to the size and substance Sonos packed into their newest Five speaker. The long side of the speaker is an impressive 14+ inches and can be used or mounted either vertically or horizontally. Conveniently, the speaker identifies its own orientation, and any paired speakers to seamlessly employ both the left and right channels, delivering peerless stereo sound.

For the demanding audiophile, the Sonos Five’s 3.5mm jack means it’s able to be used with a wide variety of devices including turntables, CD players, projectors, and more.

6. Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

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Ambient smart lighting has hit the scene and no one is able to resist! The Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit is a tactile, touch-sensitive, interactive, programmable light feature to highlight any room. Start with four or nine, or buy in bulk to create a truly unique design.

The Nanoleaf Canvas light panels are meant to be used with the Nanoleaf App, allowing the user to customize the lighting scheme, set schedules, control with voice, and use with Alexa and Google Assistant. The panels can be mounted with tape, minimizing potential damage to walls. They can even be bent around corners or used on angled surfaces.

7. Yoto Player

8 Best New Tech Gifts in 2020 3

But what about the kiddos? What new tech gifts from 2020 can educate, entertain, and engage the little ones? We focused on Yoto Player as the standout item when considering techie tots.

Recommended for children ages three to eight, the Yoto Player is a portable audio player designed to work with special cards to play hours of audiobooks, music, sing-alongs, and other activities. Also included are a kid-friendly podcast and Yoto Radio, a 24/7 family-friendly channel. The best news is, this item comes with a six-card starter pack.

The Yoto Player is a little less than five inches square, but promises to be durable and is kid-tested. The animated display changes to keep kids entertained. It also gives growing minds a break from staring at a screen.

8. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (Budget Winner)

August Wi-fi Smart Lock Image

Home security just got so much more interesting. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the ultimate tech gift because it is something everyone can use and it’s impressive enough that everyone will love it.

Have you ever wanted to have your door sense your arrival and unlock when you approach? Have you ever needed to give someone emergency access to your home when you aren’t nearby? Have you ever panicked about whether the front door is unlocked and wished to calm your anxieties with a press of a button? The August Smart Lock is the answer to your prayers.

This little item makes extraordinary claims. It connects right out of the box and works with Alexa. It works with existing hardware and on the interior side of the door, which means the door will look the same from the outside and you can still use keys when longing for the ways of yesteryear.

New Tech Gifts Are Everywhere in 2020

In terms of technology, 2020 has offered creative solutions, the latest product releases, and new devices to curate, calm, and charm every tech-head. No matter the hobby, career, needs, or desires, there is a new tech gift guaranteed to hit the spot.

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