7 Best Gadget Birthday Gifts for Mom

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Is your mom into gadgets? Does she go giddy when she has a new tchotchke to play with? Are there an abundance of USB ports in her home? Does she have an abnormally large supply of AA batteries?

We get it. We love them too. Gadgets are just plain fun! Do you need a toilet paper holder/iPhone docking speaker? Maybe not. But do you want one? Definitely.

We searched to find gadgetry solutions to calm the stressed, busy mom in her daily life while sating her craving for the latest technacious products. If your mom is a gadget guru with a birthday coming up, keep reading to discover the very best gadget birthday gifts for mom.

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1. Smart Mirror by Makr Mirror

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The Smart Mirror by Makr Mirror with an edge-to-edge 1080p HD display is a standout among gadget birthday gifts for mom. This truly innovative gadget is the next step in luxury home design. (According to me. But, truly, how far off could it be?)

This 21.5″ display, tucked inside a gray aluminum frame, is perfect for a makeup mirror or last looks before running out the door. Extremely customizable, the smart mirror reflects while delivering personalized, curated messages on the display.

Although incorporated with open source software (meaning it’s programmable if you understand the language) the Makr mirror is pre-programmed with hundreds of modules for on-screen display including weather, email, and traffic etc. Additionally, the makers are keen to point out the initial Wi-Fi setup is easy.

Finally, the included camera and USB microphone mean more adventurous owners can program voice and facial recognition extensions.

2. Blue Doorbell Camera by ADT

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Among the many gadget birthday gifts available for an overworked, and stressed mom, a doorbell camera stands out because it offers something the others lack: security. Really show Mom you love her by giving her the latest gadgetry to keep herself, her home, and her loved ones safe.

Easy to set up and install, the Blue Doorbell Camera features live-streaming HD video, 2-way talking, night vision, facial recognition, and motion detection among other things. Use the app to customize alerts or adopt the professional monitoring available via ADT. It’s also compatible with Alexa for smart home capability.

Despite the many functions available on the Blue doorbell camera, the final feature is the cherry on top: no contract required. Although able to work within an existing LifeShield system, there are no extra fees, nor does ADT remove functionality if the user chooses not to participate.

3. Luxtude myColors Portable Charger

Luxtude myColors Portable Charger Image

This lipstick-sized, lightweight portable charger may be the perfect gadget birthday gift for Mom. A multi-tasking Mom has too many things to worry about to stress about her cell phone charging.

With this portable charger, there is an emergency stash of purse-sized power in under four inches long and one inch wide. Plus, this is a set of two to ensure there is always a ready backup. The manufacturer states the charger is good for over one charge of an iPhone.

Going a step further, the fashionista Mom won’t have to sacrifice style with this colorful combo. Pull out the pastel swirl charger at the soccer game and use the more executive white in the office. If the pastel is still too much for the Mom in your life, a two-pack with black and white chargers is available.

4. Shure Portable Videography Kit

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Is your Mom #momgoals? Does she have her own TikTok account? Is she investing in her brand? If so, hit that like button and keep reading. #notsponsored

The Shure Portable Videography Kit includes the MV88+ Video Kit and SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones. It’s a curated collection to level up any vlogger or aspiring talent.

These days our smartphones are capable of providing epic photographs and crystal clear HD video, but the audio is still hit or miss. Investing in this budget-friendly starter kit will pay dividends in enhanced quality and clarity of the audio and video in content.

This live stream-ready kit boasts everything needed for a professional setup; “just add phone”. The bundle includes a tripod, universal phone mount, a digital stereo condenser microphone (compatible with Apple or Android) and a windjammer.

One of the better features of this rig is the room to grow. The tripod/handgrip allows for multiple shooting options. The phone mount can be used on larger tripods. And the investment in a microphone is a notable step for any content creator.

5. Sony a7 III 

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If you’re really looking for the wow factor, the Sony a7 III bundled with a 28-70mm lens might definitely be considered one of the best gadget birthday gifts for Mom.

If your mom has been dabbling in photography or video, this full-frame mirrorless camera delivers award-winning results. The camera comes with a three-inch LED screen on a notably thin frame of five inches long and three inches wide. The a7 III boasts cutting-edge tech by including an eye-tracking feature to deliver sharp images even if the subject is moving.

The included 28-70mm lens is a perfect general lens to set mom off to shoot cooking tutorials, vlog life’s mishaps, or deliver presentations. You’re going to win a lot of brownie points with this gift so check out our Sony a7 III review to get all the details.

6. Circular Matrix Wireless Charging UV Light Sanitizer Box

Circular Matrix Wireless Charging UV Light Sanitizer Box Image

These days you can’t be too careful when it comes to germs. This UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger is one of the ultimate gadget birthday gifts for hypervigilant and/or germaphobic moms.

The UV Sanitizer includes nine UV LEDs that disinfect enclosed items. Additionally, sanitization is not restricted to phones or electronics. You can disinfect anything that fits inside! Different levels of disinfection will work on the enclosed items for either one or five minutes. The colored band around the device displays the progress of the cleaning.

The lid of the UV Sanitizer acts as a wireless charging station compatible with any Qi-enabled device. However, it is important to note that items within the sanitizer are not able to use the wireless charger on top. In other words, while being sanitized items will not be charging. Regardless, gadget-freaks and protective moms will love the high-tech approach to cleanliness.

7. Entrige Mini Bag Sealer (Budget Winner)

Entrige Mini Bag Sealer Image

It can’t be said too many times: gadgets don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Some of the most brilliant gadgets perform a simple function that quietly improves our lives. Using that logic, the Entrige Mini Bag Sealer is one of the most economical and practical gadget birthday gifts for mom.

The Mini Bag Sealer is a 2-in-1 cutter and sealer. The cutting function opens bags without the use of scissors or sharp objects while the sealing function creates an airtight seal on most ordinary kitchen bags to keep food fresh. No cords, either! The Mini Bag Sealer uses two AA batteries, so be sure to pick those up when purchasing. It even comes with a hook to keep it out of the way, but still on hand.

Look Outside the Box for Gadget Gifts for Mom

Gadgets make our lives better. They tick, beep, connect, and deliver their way into our lives until they become essential. One of the most interesting things about gadgets is that there are no boundaries to them. Do you want to print photos from your phone using nothing more than light? There’s a gadget for that. Do you want to cook S’mores on your countertop? There’s a gadget for that.

I urge you to think outside of the traditional to find the perfect gadget gift. (Although, let’s face it: a person can never have too many Bluetooth speakers.)

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