10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Photographers

Best Father's Day Gifts for Photographers Image

It’s that time again. Father’s Day is right around the corner. Our favorite bad-joke-telling, socks-with-sandals-wearing, parking-space-hunting dads are having their day. That means it’s time to start the gift hunt, but what are the best Father’s Day gifts for photographers, phone photo warriors, or gadget-loving freaks?

We looked into it and compiled a few ideas. I’m warning you now, we did include some conventional Father’s Day items, so be prepared to groan.

1. XP-Pen Star G640 Graphics Tablet (Overall Winner)

XP-Pen Star G640 Image

First up is our Cadillac of possible Father’s Day gifts for photographers. A graphics tablet is a powerful tool but it’s hard to know when to take that step and invest in the technology. Personally, I can attest using a tablet for photo editing is a game-changer.

This pressure-sensitive tablet is a great introduction to the possibilities at a reasonable price. The active area is 6″ x 4″, which is smaller than some, but a great introductory size. Of course, it comes with a stylus and replacement nibs. Compatible with Mac and Windows, this powerful little tablet claims to provide “groundbreaking control and fluidity” which is just what you are looking for when getting into the details of photo editing. (Have you ever tried to mask out hair? Yikes.)

This tiny but mighty little tablet is our Overall Winner for its price and what it lends to a photographer. It’s a step that’s definitely worth taking and a tool worth exploring.

2. MRCUFF Assorted Camera Cufflinks Gift Set

MRCUFF Assorted Camera Cufflinks Gift Set Image

For the photog-dad, you might want to consider this impressive foursome of camera cufflinks. Covering all the bases, this set comes in different finishes and faux black and white gemstones to provide options to your fashionista father. Three of the cufflinks are cameras, but one set recreates the function wheel of a DSLR in an understated gunmetal gray. This set comes with a polishing cloth and an attractive gift box presentation.

3. Camera Necktie by Josh Bach

Camera Necktie by Josh Bach Image

According to internet history, ties have been the go-to present for fathers on Father’s Day since Lyndon Johnson created the day itself in 1966. As such, we could not list the best Father’s Day gifts for photographers without listing a tie.

This attractive gray silk necktie features clip art of a cool, dark blue classic Graflex camera and flash. Stylish and topical, we think Lyndon Johnson would be happy.

4. B-Land Universal Mobile Phone Stand with Remote

B-Land Universal Mobile Phone Stand Image

This universal phone stand might be the perfect Father’s Day gift for photographers. It offers highly functional flexibility and a wireless remote to use as a phone-friendly shutter release! Able to be worn around the neck, mounted in a car, or used simply as a flexible tripod, this 140cm long gooseneck arm offers a lot of options.

We warn you, buying this present may result in being forced to pose for family photos.

5. Artlii 2020 New Mini Projector

Artlii 2020 New Mini Projector Image

A mini projector might not have been on your radar, but it should have been! Dads love gadgets and photography dads love gadgets they can show their photography on! Rather than crowd around one phone while your dad fumbles around apps, this gadget projects the photos, or videos, up to 60 inches! Recommended to be used in a dark or dim room, it’s compatible with computers, cameras, tablets, phones, and more. It does require cables, so keep that in mind when buying.

This portable projector is not recommended for Word, Excel, or business presentations. No work allowed!

6. ThePhotoStick 128GB

ThePhotoStick 128GB Image

Ever since we were introduced to the wonder and convenience of cloud-based storage, saving and retrieving photos has become a chore. The PhotoStick is the antidote to overly-complicated photo storage. With nothing to install, compatible with Mac and Windows, this 128 GB storage stick makes saving photos easy.

According to the manufacturer, this user-friendly device finds and saves the photos and even identifies duplicates. Inspired by the loss of precious family photos, founder Mark Oman created a one-stop-shop for photo storage.

7. Time-Life Books’ World War II in 500 Photographs

Time-Life Books' World War II in 500 Photographs Image

If photo books are on the list of best Father’s Day gifts for photographers, consider this Time-Life book of World War II photographs. Delivering the classic black and white photography of a bygone era and the captivating brutality of one of the most iconic moments in world history, this 500-photograph opus can keep Dad occupied for hours.

8. Go All Out Adult Shoot Manual Camera Buff Photography Lovers T-Shirt

Go All Out Adult Shoot Manual Camera Buff Photography Lovers T-Shirt Image

It’s hard to find a stylish t-shirt for the photographer-dad, which is why we chose this minimalist design of a function wheel. The offset image adds a touch of “edge” to keep fathers fashion-forward. Reviewers talk about people not understanding the image which adds a bit of fun and definitely cements this as one of our best Father’s Day gifts for photographers.

9. Danielll Brand 12” 3D HD Phone Screen Magnifier

12'' 3D HD Phone Screen Magnifier Image

For the gadget gearhead and photographer, this little item might be a perfect choice. Packaged in a sleek faux-wood, the HD 12″ screen magnifier by Danielll is revealed with a cover rollback function making this the best friend for the phone-friendly dad. Taking pictures on your phone is one thing, seeing and/or showing them to others is another, making this an extremely useful tool for mobile photographers.

10. BinaryABC Father’s Day Photo Booth Props, 15Pcs (Budget Winner)

BinaryABC Father's Day Photo Booth Props Image

Since this is a list of the best Father’s Day gifts for photographers, we wanted to include this Father’s Day prop bonanza as our Budget Winner. If your dad loves to take photos, this array of cheeky props is sure to inspire the photographer in him. Be forewarned, you will be forced to pose in them. But, honestly, the pictures would be pretty cute.

If It Ain’t Bokeh, Don’t Fix It!

There are a few different ways to celebrate Father’s Day. You can be sentimental, sassy, snarky, or sarcastic. You can give him a tie or a tablet. But when it comes to the best Father’s Day gifts for photographers, recognizing their passion and talent, intermixed with a few groan-worthy “Dad jokes”, is a great start.

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